For the heck of it…

…I figured I’d post something just because I’ve been thinking about blogs and blogging.  As much as anything, this post is a case of “thinking out loud” and getting these thoughts down.  So, read at your own peril the plans for this blog and another website.

I will have, in the end, two primary websites to share with people that might be interested in what I have to post.  I intend to keep them very distinct, more so as I will be sharing the other site with a friend when it goes online.  There are advantages to this approach.

This site will be, as previously mentioned, dedicated to my writing and that will naturally include my musings.  Musings like this one where I’m not sure which category it belongs under as it deals mostly with blogs and websites rather than writing, yet it is that very writing that prompts the thoughts presented here.

Anyway, I’ll be putting all my writing, writing related or not, here on this site.  At present I’ll use this posting method to announce new stories and poetry.  I think that eventually, if I get back into it, I might also include my musical stuff here.  Don’t hold your breath, though — I’m way more shy about sharing my music than I am my writing or my photography.  So much so that as soon as I wrote that sentence about including my music I was doubting the wisdom of even mentioning it.  But all my writings will be here, in one single website.

I’ve been watching the growth of an author friend’s blog and eyeballing some other “interlinked” websites.  To be honest, I’m in awe how they manage to have so many related blogs and websites at diverse URLs yet still manage to keep it all straight.  It might be a sign of old age or something, but for me, trying to visit their scattered realms is somewhat akin to herding cats.  I never know what I’m missing, but I don’t really want to spend the time visiting all of the URLs just to find out if I am or am not missing something new.  I’m a simple guy, I would rather have it all in a logical hierarchy at one single site.  So, that’s part of what’s driving my planning for the layout of this site.  It’s how I think it would be easier for my readers, and of course myself, to use.  Want to read just my poetry?  Come here to this home page, see if any recent postings are of interest, then jump straight to where the poetry is.  Similarly for my stories, musings, and short stories.  I guess eventually, people will bookmark straight into the Poetry section or whatever, and that’s alright too.  The point is, anyone coming to my websites should find the navigation straight-forward and only need to remember one URL to visit.  That’s just me, how I like it, and so how I intend to implement this site.  It’s definitely going to be a learning experience as I explore the limitations of WordPress while trying to ensure this site meets my visualized requirements.

The other website will be a move of the IFPoI website from it’s current foundation to a more WordPress driven version of the same site.  For that, I’m going to have to learn to create themes so I can keep the existing IFPoI overall scheme of things.  A WordPress based site should allow my friend easier access to posting his photographs and related materials.  Though he uses a computer daily and in his work, he is not so computer savvy as to be familiar with FTP, HTML, and command line stuff.  It will also allow my students access to a “forum” where they can post questions and requests for help while allowing me to have a way to share those Q&As with others that might have the same questions.  It’ll allow IFPoI members a chance to easier post tips, tricks, and guides as well as create write-ups about their photos.  Right now, it’s a bare-bones HTML oriented, Apache driven website.  I think those of us that know how to work with that low a level of stuff are a dying breed.  If it isn’t click and drag, it’s too hard.  Yeah, right.

This weekend is my last chance to meet my original goal of recovering my old writing website by the end of the month.  I have some of the stuff separately, but I don’t know what all I wrote there and recovering it would be nice.  I’m not so sure any more that I will be importing everything to here, but I definitely want to import or re-post my stories and poetry from the other site.  The musings and such can fall by the wayside, giving me a chance to revisit those musings again as if they were brand new.

I could ramble on, following the contorted threads in my mind but I think I’ll spare you for now and bid you…



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