Ok, so that’s not going to work…

I found a post from my old blog site on how I write and went to put it under the Writing page.

It seems that the WordPress crew in all their wonderful wisdom, which undoubtedly makes perfect sense to those who created it, does not allow one to merely add a post to any page other than the home page.

I have no idea why they did that.  I do know it’s irritating to get this far and then find out that I apparently cannot simply do what I have been planning to do all along.  And no comments about learning more about this tool before jumping in feet-first, please.  I already made those comments to myself.

My thought…no, my plan…was to put my thoughts and musings on the home page, mostly, and my writings under their appropriate pages.  Thus, short stories were to be posted under the Short Stories page, poetry would be posted under the Poetry page, and so on.  At least that seemed to make sense to me.

But noooooooooooooo.

It’s easy enough to work around it, of course.  I’m just not sure I appreciate whatever arcane reasoning was used to come up with this glaring defect in the WordPress application.  If I can create new pages and assign them a parent, why can’t I do that with my posts, assigning them a different parent page than the home page?

The work-around is simple, but it’s a kludge of sorts.  All I have to do is create a page for each story, short story, poem, etc. under the appropriate parent page and allow comments.  What I do not know at this point is how they’ll show up on the respective parent pages.  Only one way to tell, I guess….

I’m almost tempted to just dump this one, create my own website as a website, host it, buy the domain, all that stuff.  But I’m lazy and don’t want to have to tell friends and family, “Oh, by the way, my blog moved again.”  I guess I’ll have to re-think this, but I think it might be doable with the above work-around.  It’s just a case of Monday ranting along the lines of “why couldn’t they make this easier and just let me make a post to any page I want????”  And I know, from searching the wonderful WWW, that I’m not the only one that’s wanted that capability.


Hummm.  I see another possible work-around that’s maybe not so bad.  Excuse me while I do do some more RTFM and web searching.


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