There’s a lesson here…

…I know.  Heck, I knew the lesson long, long before I ever ran up face to face with it here.  Didn’t help, though.  Knowing is one thing, acting on it something else.

On my old blog site, I had posted several poems.  I have most, if not all, those poems, but I do not have all the write-ups I’d put with them.  With most I commented on them, two I gave a little history.

It’s starting to look like I”m not going to be recovering that history from the old blog machine.  We were able to recover all the posts made to the main page, but so far none of those made to sub-pages have been recoverable.

The lesson, of course, is back up everything.

The corollary is to not compose on the blog site.  Write and compose elsewhere, for example in yWriter or Notepad++ or Open Office or M$ Word on your computer.  That way you have a copy outside the blog that you can apparently recover far more easily than you can via exporting or the like.

Now if I can just apply the lesson and work outside the blog… (yeah, I’m composing this on the fly here even though I’m saying…).


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