Enjoying the old stuff again

The past few days I have been having fun finding and enjoying some of my old writings.  By old, I mean from 1994-5.

I’ve just added three poems and five short stories to this blog.  It’s fun reading them and seeing things that I would do differently now.

At the time, though, I was performing a writing exercise with my wife and at times my daughter.  We would sit at the table after dinner, paper and pen to hand, and each night one of us randomly choose a word or descriptive phrase from a book, magazine, dictionary, some object that caught our eye, whatever.  To keep it honest, using a dictionary for the example, the person would arbitrarily open the book and point to the page.  Where that finger pointed, right above it was “The Word”.  We then used a timer set to 15 minutes and after a minute or two to think about the word, we wrote.  Poetry or story or report, anything was game.

The result was learning to write under pressure and having fun while doing so.  When the time was up, we had maybe another minute or two to finish up if necessary, then we took turns reading our writing.

Interestingly, I seemed to have a somewhat dark bent to my writing.  In some ways I still do.

The eight, three poems and five short stories, can be found under the links to Poetry and Short Stories.

I’m not happy with the formatting for the short stories, though.  I pasted them all in and then checked them out.  So, I lost the indentation at the start of each paragraph but didn’t find out until after I’d put them all in.  I plan to return and format them properly by fixing the HTML if I can’t find another way.

I also need to find a better way to present these than the growing list of links to the right in this particular theme.  A dropdown list would be better, and I’ve seen such illustrated in a couple of themes, so this theme may be changing soon to take advantage of that capability.  I like this simple layout and clean colors, but that dropdown list would be more friendly, so…expect some layout changes over the next month or so.

Meanwhile, enjoy the “new” old stories and poetry.


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