Serialization of the first Voyage of The Wanderer

As a curiosity, I was playing with QR Codes and provided one to a friend and fellow writer with the URL to his website.  As we chatted about it, I realized that one could work around the limitation of 256 words by creating a series of QR Codes that would serialize a short story into 256 word chunks.  Kind of like the old matinee serials at the movies.   I tested it out with the first installment and it seemed to work just find on our two Droids.

On my Droid Incredible, I use BarCode Scanner, available free from the Android Market, to verify the QC code before I post it.

So, as an incentive to write more often, and as a way to revise the story in small chunks, I am going to offer the short story of the Wanderer’s first voyage as a serialization provided here in QRC codes.  I intend to fix any typos found, provide some explanations of occasional obtuse terms, and incorporate some fixes suggested by Beta readers.  My goal is to provide at least one serialization per week.  From time to time I may provide more.

As mentioned on my old blog site, the foundation for this and other tales of Beorn is my writing for the now defunct online community Ancient Sites.  This is just one of many tales of Beorn that I have written.  It starts somewhere after the first tale of Beorn but is still in the early years as covered by the entire group of stories I have.  I am going to be re-writing the whole story as I go but fully expect to have to re-write it all again in the end.  So, please feel free to offer comments towards that re-write goal as well.  For now, though, I’m just putting it out there this way as it’s one of my favorite tales of Beorn.

For those of you that can’t read the QR codes or can’t wait, simply post a comment to one of the serialization posts requesting the whole thing.  Be aware, though, that if I send you the whole thing, it will be with any typos and unexplained arcane terms.  Consider yourselves welcome beta readers.

For those of you that are curious, the beta version of this first voyage of the Wanderer is 11,116 words long.


QR Code for the first part

QR Code for Part 1


One Response to “Serialization of the first Voyage of The Wanderer”

  1. Bill Says:

    I just found out last night that while the above QR code shows up nicely on a computer screen, it’s a little large to see the whole thing on a phone, at least mine. We were going to try bringing up the QR code on one phone and scanning it on another to see if that would bring the text up for the other phone.

    If anyone else has tried this and wants it to work, let me know and I’ll put up a smaller copy of the QR code image.


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