Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Vacations…

I’ve been on vacation for a week and a day, and sadly let my plan to post a QRC code every week slip by.  However, the lack of comments and requests indicates to me no-one’s reading it so it’s apparently one of those cool geek ideas but no big loss.  So, I think I’ll just let that drop, work on the story in its entirety, and eventually post it here.

Meanwhile, as a result of being on vacation, the last four days have been a whirlwind of activity for me.  Enough that I lost about 10 pounds, I suspect mostly due to water loss from being out in 90+ degree weather all day, but at least some to exercise.  So that’s good.

I got out to the Three Forks area on the Owyhee Canyon.  That was a really nice area with access into the canyon.  I definitely plan to go back really soon for some serious photography, I’m hoping to find a place that lines up for sunset/sunrise and moonrise shots.  I did some photography there, mostly just getting a panorama and getting a feel for how to get there, how long it takes, and how difficult it might be to get into the canyon proper.  It’s actually a pretty good road so I’m really looking forward to returning some Friday after work and staying overnight.

Then I went fishing.  As it stands now, you cannot fish from the bank of Cascade Lake/Reservoir.  They’re ripping up all the bank access south of the golf course and putting in sites for day use, some camping, and it’s all going to be fee access.  The other side of the lake the banks are difficult to get to or not suitable for bank fishing for the day so that it’s almost at the point of where the only way to fish the lake any more is to take your boat.  Horsethief Lake was also inaccessible, this time because of all the people there camping and fishing, a lot of them probably because they can’t get to the shores of Cascade Lake now.  We moved on to the Corral Creek dam, had the place to ourselves, and got some nice fishing in.  I also got some nice pictures of my dad and of dragonflies.  I’ll be posting some of those in a bit, either here or on my other site.

Then I went on an overnighter to City of Rocks.  That’s an awesome place to photograph, there’s thousands of rock shapes and unique geological formations.  Grand vistas, too.  I went expecting all that but mostly to get to a dark site as I continued hunting my Milky Way photograph.  I finally got that photograph, along with pictures of gorillas, elephants, states, birds, ogres, sleeping giants, aliens, a sleeping child, and a ton of other rock formations.  I also got some shots of turkey vultures and a murder of crows, the live variant.  But for me the highlight was I finally have a really nice shot of the Milky Way that I’m happy with.  That, too, I’ll be posting.  The guy that went along on this photo shoot is pushing me to enter it in the upcoming state fair, so I’m happy to say my wife and I are not the only ones that thinks its good.

From there we went to Malad Gorge.  I’d driven over it on the freeway many times and kept wanting to stop and see if I could get any nice pictures.  There’s definitely photo opportunity and I did a couple panoramas just to get a feel for the gorge, but we were there at the wrong time of the day:  this is definitely one place where you want to be there early morning or late evening.  The freeway and the footbridge crossing over the gorge also kind of ruin the shots, forcing you to basically shoot only one way down the gorge for a gorgeous gorge shot.  All the cool stuff where the spring is and the falls and all that photogenic stuff is the other way, up under the freeway and below the footbridge.  I think the only way to get the shots I want are going to have to be a matrix panorama so I can eliminate the freeway yet still get the wide view this gorge begs for.  We also talked about perhaps being able to get over to the other side of the freeway and access the gorge from that end, near the spring that caused the gorge to form.

So, I got some nice photography time in, some nice day trips, but no writing or reading in.  I’m kind of ambivalent about that but overall pretty pleased with the vacation time.  I didn’t even really watch much news on the boob tube or even miss being on the computer.  I’m happy to return to work for a while, though, but there were definitely times when I was wishing I could work as an outdoors photographer instead of being a software engineer.  I definitely have some nice photographs to share with the digital photography class I teach, though!!


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