It’s that time again…?

Well, it seems to be that time again.  It’s a time I encounter several times a year, probably pretty close to on a quarterly basis.

I don’t know that I’d call it a crisis, especially not if I’m visiting the issue several times a year, but I never do manage to really figure it out.

Basically, I’m not spending any time writing.  I find myself going out and doing astrophotography and enjoying that more.  It bugs me that I can spend the time necessary to do astrophotography, but I can’t spend the time on other days doing my writing?  Or my radio work?

Too many hobbies that I don’t want to give up, but I don’t know just how to spread my time out either, apparently.

I do enjoy writing, when I sit down and do it.  Heck, I’m constantly thinking about my stories and what I need to do or where I want them to go.

I love going out and doing photography of subjects that really interest me.  (Wedding and portrait seekers need not apply.)  I love teaching my digital photography class.

I really want to finish studying for my General ticket and get going with PSK-31.

So, why can’t I do all three?  What is my problem???

Oh, and off on a slight tangent, I just helped a friend set up his blog and get his pictures on it.  I enjoy doing that, too.

Hmmm.  Getting close to time to change that picture over on the right, too.  I’ve got a new photo I’m pretty happy with, so as soon as I put it up on my photo website I’ll change it.


One Response to “It’s that time again…?”

  1. Bill B. Says:

    Well, I changed the picture to the right, but didn’t have time to work on it and get it right. It’s a thumbnail of a panorama, but it’s not coming through here properly.


    Honestly, it’s pretty cool. Just follow the link to see the real thing.


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