Some weekend!

Well, it was an interesting weekend, that’s for sure.

First off, I had that photo shoot and it resulted in my getting to bed around 3 AM Saturday.  That was fun, but at the same time disappointing.  I enjoyed it, but I also learned not to check my photos when I’m that tired.  I went to bed wondering if I should pack up and sell my photo equipment.

I love my 400mm, but I found out I just can’t stabilise it yet.  I used my tripod, cable release, and high shutter speeds up in the 1/2000 range and still had disappointing photos.  I think there was just too much heat rising from the ground in the high desert and the wind wasn’t helping much, either.  I need a beefier tripod when I’m shooting that.  It wasn’t until the next day when I finally woke up that I remembered another factor:  it’s a 400mm from my old 35mm film camera.  When you factor in the 1.5 equivalency it’s closer to a 600mm on the DSLR.  That makes things way more sensitive.  I’ll have to learn how to get the mirror up for a bit before the actual picture gets taken when using the 400mm.  There’s a setting for that, I just got to find it, get familiar with it, and start using it.

I’d hoped to catch some of the Perseids, but no luck.  We saw a fireball/bollide (I need to go look up which it was) and I was so excited.  Until I found out it went through the sky just above the field of view.  Arrrrghhhhh!!!! Waaaaahhhhhh!  We saw several meteorites but none were captured by the camera.

I did get some nice Milky Way shots and a nice 360 degree panorama of where we were.  Naturally, I’m still not happy with the Milky Way shots, but I have to admit they’re OK.  The best show the traffic on the distant highway as well as Scorpio and the Milky Way.

Along with all that, the IFPoI website went down.  I’ve rebooted it but for some reason it’s not showing up on the WWW.  That picture link to the right is empty of pictures as a result.  I think I know what I need to do, but I’m not 100% sure that’s going to take care of it.  I had to replace the cable modem as well, so that was yet another thing to be taken care of.

I really, really love going out in the Owyhees for these night shoots.  I’d rather do that than a day shoot any time.  The only problem is that I’m never really sure about the people that go with me…are they enjoying it as well or just being nice about it?  Sure, one guy has gone a couple times, but I never know if we should pack up after a while and head back or whether to stay longer.  He says he has fun, but I know he has yet another 20 minutes drive when we get back.  So I wonder if I’m being selfish, but my wife hates it when I go solo.


One Response to “Some weekend!”

  1. Bill B. Says:

    Day’s definitely brighter. I did manage to get the IFPoI website back up.

    Now I just got to get it moved over…to a different, more user-friendly structure. Right now, there’s only two of us posting pictures there, but I’m the only one that finds it easy to add photos to it. I need to make it easier for the other guy to add his own stuff. That’s the next project for that site.


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