Back from Vacation…

And as lazy as that vacation was, I’m still tired.  Go figure.  I really needed that week off and spending it in McCall, Idaho every year is a wonderful break from the stress and travails of home and work.  I didn’t manage to do all I wanted, but I got some of it done:  I read three books and did a lot of photography.  Nothing outstanding this time, photography-wise, but more along the lines of experimenting and learning how to do something.  I did get a few nice shots of a turkey vulture in flight and trout spawning in the crystal clear Lick Creek.

I wasn’t able to get the Milky Way and Little Payette Lake shot I wanted, they wouldn’t co-operate and line up for me.  I did manage to get some time lapse shots of clouds over Little Payette Lake, though.  I’ll put them together and make them available later.  Right now, the one that has the cover, credits, and explanation…the text lasts longer than the video.  😛  So, I’m going to put them all together into one longer video, which should be a whopping 36 seconds long.  Geez.  99 photos for 12.5 seconds of video.  Makes me glad I did it, so that I know how to go out and do it if I want, and I do want to try some Milky Way time lapse shots eventually, but I’m not sure that’s for me.

All the time lapse shots were computer controlled:  interval, duration, focus, etc. were determined, set, and then the shooting triggered for the 60 first photos then the remaining three batches with 99 each.  Kind of boring shooting as there was nothing for me to do but click on the Start button on the screen and kick back.  Fortunately, there was beautiful scenery to look at and my wife to talk to.  Not having Internet access and not yet confident how to tether to my Droid Incredible, I used Windows Movie Maker to put them together.  The result is a little jerky, I couldn’t get the interval for the display time down below 0.125 second and it shows.  Other than that, they’re not bad for first tries if I do say so myself.  I need to find a better movie maker, I think, that gives me more control over the display time for each photo.  Gimp offers that, I know, but I was too lazy being on vacation to go that way.  99 x 3 plus 66 photos, ya know???

And just to see if I can do this…

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

So…that’s either going to work, and it should, or it’s not and the code will show instead of the countdown. YAY!!! The preview shows it works!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled web surfing.



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