Back in the groove?


Last night was really something.  I almost wanted to sleep in later today and come into work late, but I resisted.  Somehow, I got back into my writing groove.

The first class for this session started last night.  I’ve been teaching a class on beginning digital photography in the Boise Community Education program for a while now.  Last night’s class was a little disappointing, but I’m hoping that was because the students wanted to get into the camera stuff rather than the basics and the room was hot.  We’ll see, but I expect it to improve, especially as we’re past the foundation of shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO.  From here on out, it’s all about taking the photos and how to set up your camera.

One cool thing:  Before we stared doing the teaching we do introductions, find out what kind of camera each has, and ask what they want from the class.  Two or three of the students said that one of the things they want to learn is to take pictures of the moon and do night photography.  When I used some night shots to illustrate how leaving the shutter speed and f-stop set and just changing the ISO brought out more and more detail in the ground and more and more stars in the sky, several of them were really in WOW mode.  And one stopped by after class to learn more about the settings and taking that kind of picture.  Since that’s my favorite subject matter, naturally I was pretty pleased with that attention.

I have no idea what it was, but something kicked me back into writing.  I sat down at the home computer with an idea of an e-book and opened up Sigil to play with it a little, refresh my familiarity with it, and see if I wanted to write in that.  By the time I got done, I had two short chapters and the introduction written and it was 1 AM.  I bailed from that to go to bed but before I got to bed I had already jotted down some notes, additions, and also some thoughts for the next chapter.  And this morning before leaving for work I jotted down yet some more ideas and additions for the existing chapters.  I’m excited about this one.

Oh, and I changed the favorite picture over on the right.


2 Responses to “Back in the groove?”

  1. Ken McConnell Says:

    Good God man, what are you writing! We want to know more!


  2. Bill B. Says:

    At this point it’s more a booklet than a book. I’m still figuring out just what it is going to have in it, but I’ll say this much right now…it’s a how-to e-book for beginning Astrophotography. Astrophotography 100 as opposed to the more prevalent Astrophotography 101 books out there. It’s going to be e-book only.


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