Just a quick note…

…to let anyone that’s interested know what’s up.

Last week was really busy, but not with the fun stuff.  Even so, I did manage to get some work done on my current #WIP mentioned in my last post and its’ comments.

Over the weekend just past I managed to get the cover art, introduction, appendix a, and the first two chapters done and arranged the way I want.  From here on out it’s going to be all writing and picture selection.  The writing part, naturally, includes doing revisions after the first draft, getting the Beta readers lined up and the book out to them, doing the successive drafts, and eventually getting the book out into people’s hands.

This is the first book I’ve worked on entirely in Sigil.  The learning curve isn’t that bad, but I”m finding that for some formatting I want I have to go in and edit the HTML as well.  It’s a good thing I already am familiar with HTML, having created several websites over my working career.  I like that Sigil creates the complete epub book, but I’m definitely not liking it much from the formatting standpoint — it’s just too basic.  As an example, in order to create tables it seems you have to go and write the necessary HTML code yourself in the HTML window.  It also seems to be putting in more HTML than is strictly necessary, something I detest.  I like my HTML clean, lean, and mean (as the saying goes).

I’m thinking that next time around, I’m going to write via Kompozer or DreamWeaver (I have an older copy that works just fine, thank you) then import into Sigil to create the epub book itself, unless I find some other way to create the actual epub.  I can do it by hand, but it’s not a fun task for me.

But that’s for next time.  Right now, Sigil is doing the job well enough, despite its’ HTML shortcomings.  I do have to admit, though, that it’s quite possible that Sigil has the necessary functions and I just don’t yet know where they are or how to access them.  We’ll see.

The actual writing is going pretty good, all things considered.  I know the flow going forward, I know what I need to write, and I have my notes file, which I usually add to every one or two days.  The bad part is, the best ideas come when I’m not able to get to the computer, such as right after I go horizontal for the night or whatever.  I’m going to have to start making greater use of the writing capabilities of my Droid Incredible and keep the master notes file on there, perhaps.  At the moment, my master files are on a thumb drive with backups on two other machines.

Well, that’s the update.  No new pictures with this one, or changes to the picture over there on the right.  Next time.


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