After such wisdom

In solving the universe in my previous post, it seems very anticlimactic to offer up any further bits and pieces of wisdom here. After all, understanding the universe is understanding the totality of life, right? 42 and all that, you know?

Between then and now, I’ve come up with several posts but always when I’m in an inconvenient location. Naturally, right now I can’t remember any of them, other than that I though they’d be excellent topics to explore at the time.

This time of the year is my least favorite. I think that is at least part of why I’m in a photographic slump. I’m not teaching the next semester, as much as anything because I just couldn’t get motivated enough to re-work the syllabus the way we want in order to cut down the number of weeks involved. I’ve taken precious few photographs the last few weeks, it’s just been hard to pick up the camera. Ironically, I can look at things and think how they’d make a good photograph but actually taking the photograph just doesn’t interest me. I’ve not even been carrying my DSLR with me lately, justifying that with the 8 MP camera on my phone. Yet, I still see photographic opportunities, think them over in my mind how to best capture them, and don’t get out the phone camera either.

No excuse.

Interested but just not motivated.

I hope this slump ends soon. I really do enjoy photography…how it shows me new ways of seeing things, the creative and technical difficulties capturing what I want to share with viewers, sharing what I know with others, and that it gets me out and about exploring and enjoying life, the universe, and everything.


That’s depressing so I’m going to go install LibreOffice. It’s in Beta3 but OpenOffice just prompted me with an update notification and given Oracle’s approach to what they do and do not support, I’m not going to install that update. All it did was remind me that I plan to follow the real OpenOffice to LibreOffice.


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