WIP Status and other things

WIP (Work In Progress):  two ebooks

Well, the nearly two week break for Christmas was relatively productive.  I’ve actually got two #wip (work in progress) running in parallel.  Both are ebooks, one is fiction and the other is a how-to photography manual.  I didn’t expect to really get much done on them as I was going to take a break and just laze around.  However, I actually wound up getting a nice chunk of work done on both ebooks.

The photo one had a couple chapters done already.  I managed to complete two more chapters and flesh out both my notes and the ebook’s organization, chapter-wise.  So, this one has the leading chapters done and the first guide chapter done.  Plus now I have all the rest of the chapters titled so I know what will go where and in what order.  I’m not happy with this new chapter but I’m not going to worry too much about it, I’ll go back and fix it either when I want a break from the other chapters or when I get done.  I don’t worry too much about getting each chapter perfect while writing, that comes later.

The fiction ebook has some 1400 to 1500 words in the notes section and the first chapter of the story is half done, some 100 to 200 words if I remember correctly.  This is one that I’m not going to be sharing until it’s done and I’ve at least given it my own proofing as well as I can.  Keeping in mind the need to hook the reader immediately, I took some care with the opening scenes in this chapter and got a potentially biased alpha reader to read just that part and let me know what they thought.  Happily, the reader wanted to keep reading, but unhappily for that person that’s all I had down.  I did get feedback that I might have a little too much technical detail in there and that reminded me of the fact that if you can remove it without impacting the story, you might want to consider doing so.  I’m leaving it for now, same approach as the other ebook: get it down and fix it later.

Interestingly, I’m using two different writing platforms for the two ebooks.  For the fiction ebook, I’m using yWriter but for the photography one I’m using Sigil.

The reasoning is pretty simple, really.  The fiction ebook doesn’t really need special formatting beyond maybe italics, so working in yWriter makes sense.  I’ll move it into Sigil later and give it a cover and other polishing, but as far as writing the story goes, Sigil is overkill at this point.

The photography ebook, in contrast, needs the addition of pictures, picture captions, headers and subheaders, tables, and other such details.  Sigil lets me edit the HTML if I need to, as well as giving me visual feedback on what the pictures are going to look like in the final version.  The cover on that book looks good, if I may say so as shouldn’t.  Unfortunately, I just got a piece of information that means I’ll have to move the author (mine) name.  Apparently if the ebook sells through Amazon they stamp it with their own logo on the cover image, lower right.

Looking at the wip, I confess I’m more excited about the fiction ebook than I am the photography one.  A large part of the photography one is basically putting down stuff I know and have learned so that I can share it with others that might be interested in the same type of photography.  The fiction ebook, though, excites me more because there is much I need to research and I’m excited to see where this research leads me and what I learn.  Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to take the pictures I still need or want to include and to get the photography ebook done and share what I know.  It’s just both a different type of excitement and a different level.

My photography website:  IFPoI (Independent Freelance Photographers of Idaho)

Over the break I also managed to update and modify the IFPoI website.  The galleries now allow people to rate the pictures we submit and to post comments.  For the time being, comments are moderated until the site is stable and tested. The blog section likewise allows people to post comments for what IFPoI members post.  I’m also pleased that I’ve had two people indicate interest in putting their pictures on the website.  That, too, has to wait until the site is vetted.


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