Reading and Reviewing

Coming off a spate of reading is always a downer for me. I love to read so it’s not fun at all when I have to stop. Especially when it’s not due to lack of reading material. My to-read stack is a pretty healthy size.

I just finished reading a whole bunch of books.

I read the 8 books making up the YA Children of the Red King aka the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo. That was an enjoyable break, but reading the entire series only took me about 24 hours total. There were points in there where I was ready to smack the characters and tell them to think, but of course they’re children so they wouldn’t necessarily see what’s so obvious to me as a reader. Much of it was predictable but some of it wasn’t, which makes reading the series enjoyable. I don’t like books that are completely predictable, they’re boring and this series happily wasn’t boring. There were some problems where it seemed stuff was let slide, causing me to go “well, okay, I guess” but overall it was a nice escape. I’d recommend the books even though they’re at a lower level than Harry Potter, IMHO, but that may be because the series seems aimed at a slightly lower aged audience as well.

I also just re-read Tyrmia by Ken McConnell. This read was different from most for me. I was already familiar with the book as a Beta but I hadn’t really sat down and read it cover to cover as a reader. This is where a certain skill(!?!?) of mine comes into play. I can take a book, read it, and later on remember stuff about it. However, I can also pick it up again, especially if I really liked it, and read it again as if I hadn’t yet read it. Doing so always results in my enjoying it a little more each time as I find things I hadn’t really noticed on the first read. Things such as ‘Ah! So that’s why the other happens later on!” Or, sometimes, there will be a little thrill of excitement or anticipation knowing “oh, you shouldn’t have done that” because in the back of my mind I still know what’s coming even if I am able to ignore the details for now. But while I’m reading, I can block all that foreknowledge out and enjoy the book.

I wondered how that would come into play, given my acquaintance with the book.

Surprisingly, the re-read of Tyrmia was just like any other re-read. I enjoyed it more than I expected to. It was a fun read and in several ways it read just like my favorite SF authors. Which in retrospect I find somewhat interesting because strictly speaking I wouldn’t consider Tyrmia to be SF. I’m not sure what genre I’d put it in as its got a dash of SF plus also a serving of Steampunk with a hint of Fantasy. It begins and ends as SF, but between those two bookends it’s more like a mix of Burroughs and Verne. Not so much their wording or grammar, but rather their worlds and the style of writing. Maybe that’s why it read like some of my favorite SF authors: both Burroughs and Verne wrote SF as well as other stuff.

Along with that, I definitely got into this book. The characters will grow on you and you’ll find yourself immersed in the story. It was easy for me to visualize what was happening as I read, seeing in my mind the characters, settings, and events as they unfolded.

I’d definitely recommend this book.

Now I’m eying my to-read stack and wondering what I want to start next.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to work on my own two WIP, while taking a fun short break to write a short story that came to mind.


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