Slowly getting back

Well, it’s been one of those times.  There’s been so many sad things going on the last few weeks that I just lost interest in a lot of things.

My best friend and fellow photographer Jerry died.  My sister found out she had breast cancer.  A good friend at work is no longer at work.  My wife was sick.  All the grandkids rotated being sick (although I think they did that on purpose).

Now I’ve got to figure out if I want to teach the beginning/intermediate digital camera class solo or not.  I’ve got to figure out what I’m going to do about IFPoI’s website.  Heck, I’ve got to figure out what happens to IFPoI itself now.

That kind of makes it a little hard to maintain enthusiasm in either writing or photography.  Not enough to make one stop altogether as I have done some writing and taken some photos, just not with the same enthusiasm.

I’m slowly getting back into things, though, so going forward I hope to soon be back in a rhythm, writing and photographing.

FWIW, here’s a list of my current plans at the moment:

I’m making plans for a photography outing to the Columbia River Gorge in May but not in any real detail yet.  That will probably happen towards the end of May and be based out of Hood River, Oregon.

I’ve been working on a short story that I hope to post here soon, so I’ve not completely stopped thinking about stories at least.  Or keying them in, either, as it’s probably half done.

I’m looking at creating an analemma, but trying to figure out how to meet all the dates I want a picture on while doing outings to the Columbia River Gorge and other places is putting an interesting twist on that.  I’ve not started yet, and in order to hit each equinox and solstice I’ve worked out the spacing for the days when I need to take a photograph.  I need to put them down on a calendar and see how it looks.  The location is already decided on.

Jerry and I had in mind a project that will take a long time to do but has historical significance and could be of value to education and archival institutions.  I will probably continue to develop this and eventually act on it as it’s a worthy photographic archive suitable for donation to the state of Idaho if done right.

This site ain’t dead yet.


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