I was recently over at Yorick von Fortinbras’ Functional Lunatic blog seeing what he’d recently written. He was talking about Messages From The World Around Us. I believe I understand what he’s saying in that post and I’d commented that to me the Universe was like a huge musical composition that we could hear if only we listened.

What happened last night and this morning was a perfect example, or so it seemed to me, of what he was saying. Without any conscious thought, this blog was developing based on the message I’d taken from his site. I pretty much did’t have to think to write this one, it sprang into being already written out in my head as if someone had stuck it in there for me to discover, read, and put into this blog post. Maybe I mentally wrote it while sleeping.

Why I got to thinking about death I have no idea, but there it is. Or rather, not so much death but ‘afterlife’. We humans, since we were able to think, have had this niggling thought about what happens when we die.

Does religion seek to provide the answer, or does it just seek to comfort us? Religion certainly doesn’t know the answer, that’s proven by the various answers religion has depending on your faith. What if every religion and non-religion, so to include the atheists and everyone else’s -ist, is both correct and wrong?

Everyone’s right. We don’t go to heaven or hell or Nirvana or get reincarnated or just cease to exist because that’s how it ends. We get the afterlife we select for ourselves deep down inside. Where our subconscious’ subconscious is. Here’s how I see it working…maybe.

We die. Physically, anyway. Maybe even permanently if that’s what we’ve decided, as in “Poof! Gone. Thanks for all the fish.”

Yep, I said “if that’s what we’ve decided.”

Perhaps what really happens is that when we “die” what happens next depends on what we truly believe is going to happen next. Not what we know or think we believe, but what we truly, fundamentally, in the deepest recess of our being believe. Down so deep that were we to get to that level of our being we would have absolutely nothing but an honest accounting of ourselves, our beliefs, and our lives. It’s what we believe way, way down in our subconscious’ subconscious.

So, someone dies who believes in reincarnation. Confronted with himself or herself, they realize this with the very fiber of their being, and so they are reborn. Or satisfied with their lives, they break the cycle of reincarnation and go on to the next stage.

Someone who believes in heaven and hell may find themselves going to the heaven or hell they create, or perhaps discover that they really don’t believe in either. Or any afterlife in which case they die. Permanently.

An athiest may find that despite it all there is a belief of (a) god or that they agree with reincarnation. So they go to the heaven or hell they really believe in or are reborn.

What I’m getting at is that what happens after our physical death is perhaps based not so much on “what is” as based on what we, deep down, truly absolutely with our last breath believe. We create the afterlife of our choosing. I’m not talking about growing up with or picking some belief during our lives and trying to live according to that belief and so determine our afterlife. I’m talking about how our conscious being might elect to live one way but our deepest subconscious being may have alternate beliefs, or even the same, and that is what determines where we go when we die. In other words, heaven, hell, reincarnate, non-existence, Nirvana, Valhalla, Limbo, Paradise…they only exist if in the end that is what we chose. And what we choose is based on the culmination of everything we’ve ever seen, heard, experienced, read, encountered, and a string of other verbs and adjectives. Our professed beliefs, however hard-held and/or devout we might be, are only one part of the complete equation that determines our afterlife.

And it’s been shown time and again through history that what we think we believe may not actually be what we do really, really, really, really, really believe.

As it seems that just about everything has some little germ of truth, perhaps above is just part of the final equation, but our collective consciousness is also a part of that complete equation. So, we take in not only what we, in the end, believe but also color that slightly by our collective consciousness. This is where we pick p all the information we’re not aware we do that colors our final, ultimate belief that determines our personal afterlife.

Maybe that’s why the afterlife is so unknown…we’re human. Maybe eventually it’ll go from unknown to understood, even if not really known, for the same reason…we’re human.


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