A Video

As probably many do, I get a lot of my good ideas in the shower.  What can I say?  I love being in, near, or on the water.  What surprised me about this one, though, is that it wasn’t a typical idea.  Usually, my ideas relate to photography, writing, or figuring out how to do or build something.  This was an idea for a video.

I’ve created what a friend assures me qualifies as being called a script.  I thought it out Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon sat down and wrote it all out using FocusWriter.  I really like using FocusWriter, it’s simple, handles the rtf format (I know, redundant to say format but…), and provides a nice, relaxing full screen that has a neutral background (adjustable) so there’s nothing on the screen but your text.  Nothing to distract you, unless you let it.

What pleased me the most is that I was able to mentally work on and successfully retain in memory a small rhyme until I could put it down in FocusWriter Sunday.  The rhyme reflects very well the premise of the video:

A mental rhythm develops and grows
You sit and watch as here and there it goes
You sit and watch the Rhythm grow
And the natural music sings to you.

I’ll be including that little rhyme in the video.  The real question is going to be whether or no I actually create the video.  I think it would be a good little video.  I know I have or can get the necessary software tools and have access to a digital video camera.  I’ve got this little script, so I know what I want in the video.  The problem stems from it being perhaps 1/3 digital video and 2/3 computer generated.  The computer generated part is fairly straightforward, it’s nothing like Tron or Shrek.  There’s no dialogue, and for me there’s no need of any music either.  However, music would probably be a good idea if I want it to be enjoyed by others, so I may call upon my granddaughter for help there.

Which leads to some bragging…she’s got a cello solo this month at a public concert!!  Even though I can’t hear it, I’m hoping it’s going to be at a time when I can go and just sit there, watch her, and beam.

Back to all this, though.  One thing I find somewhat interesting about all this is that I like shooting time lapse with my DSLR and creating the resulting videos.  Yet, the idea of creating a video such as this gives me pause.  I’ve no idea why.  You would think that if I could create time lapses lasting several seconds out of a full day’s photography, creating a true video would be just another aspect of that.  Only it’s not.  Do I have the tools?  Yes, or I can get them.  Do I have the skill set?  Pretty sure I do.  Do I have a script?  Yep.  So, what’s the hang-up?  Dunno.

I have enough other projects either under way or on back burners that I don’t need to start another one right now.  I would like to do this, though, someday.  Maybe this summer I’ll work on this, but definitely not until after I complete my current #WIP.

BTW, the other tools in my current writer’s toolbox besides FocusWriter are Sigil and yWriter.  Right now these are all I use for my writing.  yWriter has a really nice layout, once you learn it, for writing things with more than one chapter.  Sigil lets me create my ebooks using what I’ve created with yWriter.  And FocusWriter is great for single chapter stuff like blogs, short stories, poetry, and the like.


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