New Pa’adhe Short Story

Well, it’s been a very busy last month and half and I apologize for taking longer than I either intended or wanted to get this new short story out.

Last month I had the honor of Beta reading a novel and three plays. While I can easily read a novel in a day or two if I just sit and read, the duties involved in Beta reading of necessity make it go slower. I take as much pride in being a Beta reader as I do in putting my own writing out there and those of you that know me can imagine what that means: as much work goes into doing the Beta reading as into my own writing. It’s just a different type of work.

After finishing up that, this month started out with a rash of meetings leading up to last week being all day team meetings every day of the week. As I am completely deaf, that means I had to focus on my interpreter’s face and signing to be able to follow everything. If I blink, I risk missing something critical to the discussion. Concentrating like that is exhausting and by the time I got home those nights, I had no desire to do anything that required me to use my brain. So, my writing went by the wayside. A Matter of Trust was actually ready to go as soon as I did a final proofing just to make sure that everything was all shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Now, though, I’m done with that hectic lifestyle for a while and so I was finally able to finish touching up this next story and make it available for your reading pleasure. A Matter of Trust is happily accessible from either these embedded links or the links on the right side of this blog.

I had fun writing it and as usual my characters drove what happened far more than I did. Heck, while I wrote it I had to leave the Captain and Sergeant hanging in the lift basket for almost a week while I figured out the best way to get them out of what they got themselves into. I definitely didn’t purposefully write them into it. That situation wasn’t even in my initial mental outline for this story! Having just brought the Sergeant to the Pa’adhe I was happily typing along, thinking about the upcoming meeting and how to handle it. As planned he was escorting the Captain to meet someone when suddenly they were under attack. Talk about a WTF moment! You can read it and see what happened.

This next story I’m working on, I already wonder how it’s going to go. I have a goal in mind for that story; The Pa’adhe is it’s current working title. Several of my Betas have wanted more background on some of the characters and I’m hoping to introduce some of that when it comes out. The way my characters are, though, I have no idea if the whole crew will show up here or not. I know what is going to happen in the first part but I don’t trust the Captain to stick to my planned storyline. I don’t even know if the crew you’ve already met is even the original crew of the Pa’adhe. I think they are, but to be honest, like you I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve also got a photo shoot coming up. I’ve been discussing it with the band leader and have pretty much worked out all the technical stuff to get the cover picture we have in mind. I look forward to this challenge, but I think I’m going to be charging him. A copy of the CD and three one-liter bottles of Mt. Dew should do it. This will be my first real photographic outing since the death of my friend and co-photog.

It’s time to really get back on that horse. I’ve found myself looking at the world through the eye of a photographer again, without thinking about it. I’ve not been carrying my camera with me everywhere, but that’s changing too. Even though my Android phone has an 8 MP camera, there are still things that only the DSLR can do and I’m returning to where I want to try taking this or that picture with this or that setting and see how it comes out.

I have an Arduino Uno on order from Amazon and plan to build an intervalometer around that for my camera. That will give me a better tool for time lapse and astrophotography, which are my favorite aspects of photography. I’ve set up an astrophotography session for September in which I hope to capture the Milky Way against a giant’s skull. Those of you that have read this blog should have an idea what I’m talking about. If not, you’ll find out when I post the results.

Time passes. Life moves on. We pick ourselves up and with a tip of the hat move on. I think I’m at that point now.

*tips hat*


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