The Birth of Pa’adhe


At long last I get to post the latest story in the Pa’adhe series and move on to the next #WIP. As with A Matter of Trust, this one was somewhat difficult to write. I pretty much clickety-clacked through the first two thirds then got bogged down. Details just wouldn’t come, the characters wouldn’t co-operate, scenes came and went but didn’t fit. At one point it actually seemed as if this short story would never get finished. For a month or more I could think of the story, come up with ideas, and see possibilities for future development in other short stories for the series, but I just could not write them down. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, it wasn’t a matter of writer’s block but something else…as if it were more physically impossible to write than mentally unable to, if you will.

As should be the way with all writers with an incomplete story, happily one day I sat down, once more opened this short story in FocusWriter, read it through yet again, and when I got to the last word, my hands just went to the keyboard and started typing. I was back and so were the characters. We knew where the story had to go and how it would end. No longer was I trying to write the story, I was once again telling the story.

For those curious about such things, this one went through four drafts and three betas.

In the chronology of the Pa’adhe series, this is the first tale of the ship and her captain, the story of her birthing if you will. Her birth was not without its complications.

I’m already writing the next short story, a quarter done I think. This next one that takes place sometime between The Pa’adhe and Caerle Headland. When that story gets posted, it will be the fifth short story in this series that I’ve written. Yes, you’re right: this posting of The Pa’adhe only makes three stories in the series on this blog site. As mentioned in an earlier post, one short story, while already done, will not be posted for some time yet. It’s the story of the final voyage of Pa’adhe. I may eventually post that short story before I’m done writing all the stories in the series, but I don’t know if that’s right. Those that follow me so far know I write them all out of order as they come to me but that doesn’t necessarily mean this particular, final story should be published before the end of the series. I may just use it as the final story in the collection when I create the first Pa’adhe collection ebook. Or I may post it when I’m done with this series and want to move on to some other adventures with new characters and settings. Know, though, that it’s already written. No one else, not even the alphas and betas have seen it, though.

Time will tell regarding that final story.

Oh, and I already have the notes started for the sixth in the series. Heh! Heh!

Two other little notes before I point you to the story itself.

I’ve got a cover picture for that first Pa’adhe ebook. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m not sure where it is or even if I still have it. I’m hoping it’s in my picture archival else I’m going to have to recreate it somehow. I just know it’s the perfect picture for the first ebook collection of Pa’adhe stories. It gives me added incentive to write enough stories in the series just to create the ebook so I can share the cover with you.

I’ve also created a map of this world. As mentioned before, I had to as I was losing track of where everything was and the distances between them. I need to keep those voyage times consistent. Before sharing this, I need to tweak the fonts a little as I think they’re too small to be easily read, but when I do have it set up to my satisfaction, I’ll post it here for any readers that might desire to see it. I’ll also update it regularly as I add more voyages, adventures, and places.

Enough and so: for your reading pleasure, I now present you with The Pa’adhe.



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