A Different Story

This is just a very brief post to announce my latest short story posting.

I would have to call Revolt a short short story.  At only 1,300 words long, it’s a quick read that I believe you will enjoy.

I originally started it intending it to be a submission to  Kindling Press for their collection of short stories on the theme of revolution.  Even though I completed it before their extended deadline, I just didn’t feel like submitting it.  Obviously, it’s focused on revolution in some form, and I believe I was able to address that on more than one level.  So why not submit it?

Laziness, perhaps.  Insecurity, maybe, though I don’t think so.  A desire to write rather than self-promote, possibly, though that could be my doom.  For whatever reason, I choose to put it out here instead.  Some rumblings I’m seeing would seem to indicate that might be a better use of my story and time than submitting to Kindling Press.  That remains to be seen, of course, and I’m grateful to the person that pointed me their way.

The next Pa’adhe story is almost done being polished and should be going out within the week unless anything major shows up.

Enjoy Revolt while I finish polishing up the next in the Tales of the Pa’adhe.


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