New Pa’adhe story and writing ruminations

First, the announcement of the new Pa’adhe story. Flight has now been posted under the Tales of the Pa’adhe header to the right. If you’ve been following this blog, you know from the last several posts how vexing this one story has been for me and how it resolved itself. The story of this one story truly illustrates how helpful Alpha and Beta readers are to an author. Without you, this story really would never have been.

It’s almost funny how one gets into writing sometimes. Many writers seem to follow a trend of “I always liked to write” and to be sure, I’m one of those. From my pre-teens I’ve always enjoyed writing: stories, poetry, often enough even my school papers. I’ve also been an avid reader since I was in single digit ages. I really believe that for any author, a love of reading is a must. After all, if you don’t read, how will you know how to write? Not intellectually, but intelligently and with emotion?

Through the early 2000s I did share some of my writing through the medium of Ancient Sites and its’ successor but for me that was more role-playing than writing. I had a blast writing all those tales about Beorn and Tara, both singly and with others. I still remember those writing sessions with great fondness. Ah, my ancient Celtic friends, how fare thee?

It wasn’t until I set up my original blog hosted on my son-in-law’s home server in 2008 and then this blog back in December of 2009 that I really felt like sharing anything I wrote outside my immediate family. I still don’t push my own writing much, and I realize that is part of why I don’t have many followers here. I tell myself that I’ll start doing that when I have enough Pa’adhe tales to put together in an ebook. Right now, I owe a great debt of thanks to certain authors for being willing to share their awareness of my writing with their numerous followers and I try to reciprocate with the few followers I have.

I’ve not been keeping up on Twitter and G+ like I should, as for me those are huge time sinks, and I hope to rectify that soon. Until I actually start doing that, though, I’ll have to rely on word of mouth. I do, however, autotweet new blog posts and eventually hope to automate to G+ as well.

The more I work on these short stories the more I find out there’s a lot of background work to this writing thing. I’m not talking about research and fact finding, I’m talking about things you have to do to keep everything straight when writing any kind of series. At first I was doing this in my head, but the more I wrote, the more I had to rely on tracking things in note files. This new knowledge I’m picking up is really going to come in handy when I start working on the two novels I’ve got on the back burner.

Just for giggles I decided to create a small timeline showing me the true order of the Pa’adhe stories. I also tracked the published order. Ok, it wasn’t entirely for giggles as it turns out that unless I maintain some kind of chronological listing I risk losing track of who could be in the stories to come. I’ve mentioned time and again that I don’t write these in chronological order, I just write them as they occur to me and I post them. Some events happen before others but get written later in real time. The Pa’adhe is a perfect example of this: The third short story written in the series, it’s actually the first in chronological order, depicting as it does the building of the Pa’adhe.

Right now, it turns out that I actually have a total of 6 Pa’adhe stories! I didn’t even realize that many existed until I created this timeline. For fun, here’s the listing and status (List is in Pa’adhe chronological order, not published order):

Format: Title (online date) [published order] 

The Pa’adhe                      (2011/11/23)   [3] 
Flight                           (2012/02/27)   [4] 
The Voyage to Caerl Headland     (2011/05/26)   [1] 
Mercenaries                      (2012)         [5] 
A Matter of Trust                (2011/08/17)   [2] 
Final Voyage      (intended to be the last story published) [n+1]

Flight has just been published on this blog. Mercenaries is the working title of the next one and is in first draft state, not yet completed. Final Voyage is in an odd state, being a mixture of notes and written out sections. I don’t know when that one will be published, but I hope not for quite some time yet. Or I might publish it sometime before I finish writing all the Pa’adhe tales.

And to think all this Pa’adhe writing came about because I got tired of the second story in the Elidha series. The first, The Releaser, was meant to be an intro to the Elidha and was published here 2010/03/02. The second story is fundamentally written but never got past Draft 2. This series was meant to be along the lines of a series I read as a kid, in my early teens, based around a spirit named Seth and the lessons he was teaching the human he was in contact with. That was also around the time I was reading the Carlos Castanega series. Both of those were strong influences for the intended Elidha series. I may return to this second Elidha story just to get that out so I can close it down properly. That remains to be seen.

Writing about the Pa’adhe is more fun, so I’ll definitely be concentrating on that for a while yet but there will also be some other writing forays from time to time.


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