Dreamland D2 done

Dreamland D2 done

I’ve completed getting the latest Pa’adhe short story down. Draft 2 had all my extraneous comments, guides, notes, and cross-outs in it. I’ve now started Draft 3, which has had all that removed as well as a very brief, first pass round of tweaking. Just little bits here and there. So, Dreamland should be getting published to this blog sometime this month, depending on what my Alpha-Betas think of it.

This short story has been an interesting journey. They all are, and I enjoy each one, but this one is unique in it’s length and what it deals with. There may be more like this in the future, maybe not. Dreamland will only be Pa’adhe short story number 6 when it’s posted. Who knows what’s next or how many there will be?

First some numbers….

When I completed Dreamland D2 I had a word count of 11,053. As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a longish short story, but it came in well short of being a novella. Removing all the extra stuff I mentioned above, Dreamland D3 came in at a 10,049 words. That’s a reduction of a mere 947 words. I shouldn’t say “mere” since any writer will tell you that’s a bit of work as far as word count goes. I think the average word count a writer strives for is about 800 words a day, making that more than a day’s worth of work tossed, if you will. I know for my purposes, I track my day’s work at 800 words.

I’m happy with the story. I think the ending could use some tweaking, but then so can bits and pieces throughout the story, so that’s good. That’s the whole point of revisions and multiple drafts.

One interesting thing about this writing episode is that I had written a rough poem of some 14 stanzas, 4 lines each, trying to write out what I wanted to have happen to Cook. I got the Dreamer reciting her Dream as an epic poem and got carried away, outlining in that poem all that I wanted to have happen to Cook. It was not properly composed, though it did have rhythm and a certain word style and flow. Initially, I planned to have Cook’s back story presented as a song. In the end, as of D3, most of that has been removed from the actual storytelling that will be getting posted. The stuff is all there, it’s just no longer being presented as a long poem.

The reason I mention this is about three days after I’d done that, I came across a write-up, I think about Tolkien, that included the suggestion to write it out as poetry as a break and to get the creative juices flowing again. While I didn’t need to do it “to get the creative juices flowing again” I was tickled pink to see that suggestion. Two or three of you that read this blog will understand why. You know who you are.

Hmmm. Maybe someday I’ll write a Pa’adhe story as if a bard were singing it in some ale house. That could be fun.

Now I set Dreamland aside for a few days and go do some reading and work on some photography. I’ve got a HDR I want to put together and a time lapse to shoot this weekend. When I come back to editing this short story, probably next week, I’ll be seeing it afresh and should catch any glaring fixes I need to do.

This may be my shortest blogging in the last year!


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