The Best Laid Plans

Well, my last blog post said Dreamland would get posted in May. Obviously, that didn’t happen. It took longer than I wanted to make the necessary changes after the Alpha readers got their feedback to me. And I wanted to get it right. I’ll admit, though, some of it I was kind of trying to slip past them.

Bad author, bad!

Even so, I think it was worth it. The areas I tried to sneak past my eagle-eyed Alphas and Betas were ones I was going to fix anyway (honestly!), but wasn’t sure of. Part of that was due to not being sure if certain words rhymed or not. Some did, others didn’t, and I ended up having to re-write half the poetry to make it work properly. Leaving them in for the Alphas to catch resulted in their not only catching the particular ones I had in mind but also pointing out some tangents that needed fixing, especially if I wanted to keep the poetry.

I also had proof of needing to have more than just one Alpha/Beta reader. As I improve my skill writing, there are (hopefully) fewer and fewer errors to be caught. In this particular case, the latest Beta version had catches from each reader…BUT…no two caught the same thing. I’ve made the latest changes and am sending Dreamland out for the final round now, with great confidence little, if anything, will be found. I anticipate anything found at this point will be strictly author’s choice, i.e. no real errors as such but instead reader opinions and suggestions. There’s always going to be something.

I’ve got a little over 1,600 words done on the next Pa’adhe short story. I’ve also jotted down a premise for the one after that. That’s all I’m saying on this for now.

I’ve begun creating cover images for each short story, both those I’ve already posted and those I’m working on. Each short story from here on out will have an associated cover. When I finally put them all in an omnibus, I think the covers will provide a nice counterpoint for separating each short story. I’ll have to come up with a good cover for that anthology as well, obviously. The two Beta readers that prefer epub format will see the covers and be able to provide any feedback on those as well as the story itself. They’ll be my Alphas on the covers. I’ll also run the “final” version of the cover past one or two other people to get their feedback on it. Every cover has the same format, font, and layout. That’s my way of tying them all together. The pictures differ, of course, but will usually have something related to the story.

I’m also thinking of revisiting an ebook I had mostly written then set aside when a close friend died. It’s been collecting digital dust since then but I’m starting to look at it and I’m seeing my mistakes. I want to correct them and I think I’m going to add a little about my friend and dedicate it to him. I’m also looking at the possibility that once I finish this ebook, I’ll start teaching photography again, this time concentrating on astrophotography as that’s what I love doing most.

The weather has me a little pissed off. I don’t trust the weathermen on the TV news to get it right, and I often look outside, wondering if they’re talking about the same weather I’m seeing. I often joke about them not looking outside to do the weather, just focusing on their maps and stuff. They can be forgiven somewhat since they are forecasting around a point 20 plus miles away from where I live and their forecasts are good for about a 10 mile radius. (I asked, once.) I admit they have a reasonably good forecast accuracy around here, at least for the next three days. Beyond three days I pretty much ignore their forecasts.

Anyway, the Venusian Transit on the 5th of June…the weathermen are forecasting rain that day. Rain means clouds. Clouds means likely no clear shot at the sun. Arrrrrgh!

I’m having a lot of issues with astrophotography lately….

The recent annular eclipse? I got out in the country in good time. I got set up and ready to photograph. I had my gear with me and my best tripod. I hooked up a webcam to my laptop for a time lapse as well. I left my Mylar filters home. I was really pissed they weren’t in the case they should have been in. I was able to do the pinhole viewing with two business cards I had, but I really wanted to photograph the eclipse.

Now we have a partial lunar eclipse on the 4th and the Venusian transit on the 5th. Both days forecast with rain.

What did I do to deserve this?

Probably nothing, I know. It’s not even aimed at me, personally. I know that, but…c’mon!

Oh, well. Back to writing.


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