Yep, I’m going on vacation.

Lately I have been trying to blog at least once a week. There are a couple reasons for that.

First is if I get into the habit of blogging once a week, then any readers know there will be a weekly new post and hopefully visit on a somewhat regular basis. The way I see it, if I’m going to blog, I owe it to my readers to provide them regularly with something worth reading. I also hope that regular blogging, if it’s interesting enough, will also translate into readership growth.

Second, by blogging on a regular basis, I hope to share my thoughts and processes on writing as I develop as a writer. Doing so means I have to write regularly and part of that is providing updates on my current WIP. In turn, that holds me accountable to get some writing done so that I can show I am indeed progressing on the latest short story or novel I am working on. I may only be accountable to myself for this, but putting it out here helps me maintain my discipline.

Today’s blog serves a twofold purpose.

On one hand, I’ll provide a little update on my writing.

I may have mentioned working on covers for my short stories. Currently, I have three such covers. My plan is to have a cover for each short story and for the ebook that collects them into one location. It remains to be seen if I will offer these short stories as individual ebooks or if I will only post them here as pages on this site until I have 12 of them to gather into an ebook collection. If I do make them individually available, the covers will be with the respective story, of course. Either way, in the omnibus, each cover will become a leading illustration for the short story. To ensure this, each new story has to have a cover by the time I release it. That’s a new step in my writing process.

I haven’t been writing as much as usual lately. Life gets in the way of that, sometimes, and that’s what’s been going on. I’ve managed to double the latest Pa’adhe WIP word count but it’s still very fragmented. As with Dreamland working on this story has garnered a lot of notes, ideas and as yet disjointed written sections. I certainly hope that’s not a trend going forward. While writing like this works, it also means a lot more effort on my part tying everything together and keeping the original plot straight.

My writing time has been split between this latest Pa’adhe story and a photography ebook I’ve been working on. Right now I’m thinking of returning to teaching a photography class in the community education program this winter. If I do, I’d very much like to have that ebook done so that I can give it to the students. We’ll see how that works out.

The second purpose of this post, and this comes back to what I mention in the second paragraph, is that I’m going on vacation over the next 11 days. That means that for the next two weeks I’ll not be posting anything new here. After I get back, I’ll resume the once a week blogging schedule. I feel I owe it to what few readers I have to let them know ahead of time there’s going to be no new posts for a while. That way, they don’t waste their time checking and hopefully I don’t lose any readers due to lack of new posts because they know to resume checking in two weeks time.

See you in two weeks or so!


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