A Small Detour

This week, I’m not working on the latest Pa’adhe short story. I’ve been asked the question “what’s it like not being able to hear” again, so I’m focusing on a post to answer that. I hope to blog that next week and get back to working on my WIP.

Today’s post, therefore, is short and sweet.

I’ll just leave you with two photos I took during vacation. The EXIF data is available by clicking on the images to see the larger version then right-clicking to see the properties (or EXIF data if you have an EXIF data plug-in for your browser).

The first is a mandatory shot of Multnomah Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. Everyone takes one of those, right? I played with the settings a bit and of several similar pictures, this is my favorite so far. It was starting to rain, so there are a couple of water drops on the lens but they don’t impact the picture.

Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

It was taken the first day of vacation has been rotated and tweaked a little, using the levels, to bring out the green. As a result, though, the white has been pushed to the limit in the falls. The blurred water is due to exposure time, not tweaking. Depending on your monitor setting you may or may not see the true green of the lush vegetation.

The next picture is out over the Pacific roughly 2.5 miles south of Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Sunset, Rockaway Beach, Oregon Coast

This one was shot the last evening of our vacation, after we’d packed up everything we could, getting ready to leave the next day. It, too, has been rotated and very slightly tweaked to clean some spots plus bring out the red and make that more comparable to what we saw. It’s also cropped.

Both were adjusted using The GIMP, my favorite image software. Both have been scaled to 25% of the original.


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