A Moment In My Life

Well, I’ve posted a little write-up of things that happen as a result of my being deaf. It didn’t turn out the way I’d expected it to, but I think it does answer the question, “what’s it like to be deaf” to some slight extent. It’s meant to be read not so much as a dry tome illustrating what it’s like to be deaf but instead as if I’d been asked the question and was telling you what some of the results are for me and things that happen as a result of being deaf.

Keep in mind we’re all individuals and this is just what it’s like for ME. You can find that write-up here or in the list at right. Enjoy my ramblings.

Well, this Sunday it’s up in the Owyhees for me. Specifically, I’m heading back to Leslie Gulch, the subject of an older post. I’m going after an photograph of the Giant’s Skull and the Milky Way. I’m not overly hopeful of success, since the ephemeris says it’s going to be a nearly full moon (about 90%) that rises early evening. Still, if I set things up right I might be able to get the shot and block the moonlight for a while. Location, location, location. We’ll be down in the rather narrow canyon, which should give me a bit more time before the moon starts playing with my night sky. I’m hoping to experiment with a time lapse of the Milky Way and see if that will work out. The way I see it, it will at least give me data to figure out my settings for later.

Also, it’s the scheduled time for the Capricornid meteor shower. I’m hoping to get some shots with meteors in them. To quote from one of the many online sources of astronomical events:

“The Capricornids are characterized by their often yellow coloration and their frequent brightness. They are also slow interplanetary interlopers, hitting our atmosphere at around 15 miles per second. Though you can expect only 15 meteors per hour at best under dark sky conditions, the Capricornids are noted for producing brilliant fireballs.”

Worth a try, wouldn’t you say? It’s going to be a challenge, that’s for sure. As I remember it, I’ll have something like 30 to 45 degrees of sky visible from where I’ll be. I’ve been set up and ready to go at least twice where I’ve seen a fireball and thought I caught it only to find that it was just above where my camera was aimed or some such. Heh! Heh! This time I’ll have much less sky to worry about having to cover with the camera. And yeah, I know how that also reduces my chances of seeing a Capricornid meteor. Can’t have everything. It’s fun trying, though, and if I do get one it’ll be freaking awesome. Especially if it’s anywhere near the Giant’s Skull.

I’ll be taking an old friend along. He makes a mean cheesecake in a camp setting and I told him he’s walking back if he forgets the stuff for that. Anyway, he’s never been out doing astrophotography so I’m hoping to introduce him to the fun. He says his digital camera can’t do long exposures but I think we can set him up for some reasonably decent astrophotography even without a bulb setting. We’ll see just how much we can get, but I know we’ll at least be able to do some moon shots.

Hmmm. I’ve been focused on getting the Milky Way and the Giant’s Skull, but moonrise over the Giant’s Skull…I think the angles are wrong, but…definitely got to try for that. I’ll be using the GPS to locate exactly where we are, averaging out the readings for more accuracy. That way later on I’ll be able to use several apps and programs to work out if and when I could get the moon just where I want it at another time.

I’m a man with a plan. 🙂


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