When should I post

I’ve been working on the latest Pa’adhe short story the last week or more. As a result of that writing and thinking about the stories I have in mind for the future, I may also be introducing a new recurring character. I’ve not yet decided on that but the current story has set itself up as a perfect introduction. Maybe I am supposed to introduce you to this new character in the current WIP. Maybe not, though.

This time the character is a bad guy. I’m not even looking for a running bad guy in these tales, or even a bad guy in this particular tale, but somehow that’s what I seem to be winding up with. So far I’ve not written any more than a brief bio to let me know what I’m dealing with. I have his personality, character, and something of a description but even I, the god of the Pa’adhe universe, have no idea where he lives, how large his forces are (if any!), or even what he fully looks like yet. Heck, I’m using “he” as a generic pronoun here since I don’t even know for sure yet if this character is going to be male or female. One thing I do know, this character is cold blooded, ruthless, and evil.

That’s it for my Pa’adhe update. If that’s all you care about, you can stop reading now. The rest covers, first, how I came to a decision about when I want to post to this blog and second, my astrophotography plans for this weekend.

Not to make any excuses or anything about last week, but I’ve been so busy that it wasn’t until Thursday I realized I had a blog posting due my readers. That put me in a quandary, but also kind of sorta maybe gave me an out. The previous post had been put up on a Friday, so I wasn’t going to post again the first part of the week. I didn’t want to post too soon, but I did want to post once a week. Obviously, I blew that last week. Thursday last I could have put up a quick post since I did have some things to say, but it would have also have had to be a quick and dirty post. I don’t want to do that to you readers.

When I post, the only quick and dirty posts I intend to make are those that do one of two things: introduce a new story or provide a short update related to my blogging or the inability to do so. Every other post I do should and must have some meat to it.

So, if I had something to post why didn’t I? One of the things I’d been thinking about that day was how to avoid a posting so close to a previous posting. In my mind, given how I write for this blog, that means posts a week apart or close to that. I believe that gives my readers time to pursue other things without missing what I post that might interest them. That in turn made me think about when would perhaps be most convenient to my readers. This train of thought had me thinking that if I posted Thursday evening as I was planning, my next post would be Tuesday and that was too close to the previous posting. Maybe it wasn’t really, but in my mind that day it was and meant that the post for next week wouldn’t be as good as it could be. So what days should I focus on from here on out?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are no good. This is the weekend, people want to get off work and have their weekend. Also, Fridays are sometimes the start of a long weekend.

Monday is the first day back at work, and the day people try to organize their week, recover from the weekend, and tackle the things they put off the previous Friday. So, another day that doesn’t work well. Also, Monday, like Fridays, tend to be utilized for long weekends.

So clearly Friday through Monday are not good days to post. Extending this logic, Wednesday is the ideal day to post: Tuesday is a recovery day and Thursday a prep day for the long weekends.

The end result of this is that I will try to post no later than Wednesday from now on, ideally on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday will be my backup plan.

Yeah, my wife says that too, about how I tend to over-think things. Blame my dad, he taught me how to argue both sides of anything.

Now for the photography stuff. Three weekends ago I spent several hours cleaning my DSLR. I had dust showing up in the pictures and test photos confirmed it had to be dust on the sensor filter. Cleaning that off was at once an interesting and a nervous undertaking. In the end I got it clean and am very glad that I did it. The next time I think I have to do this I’ll be much more comfortable doing so. It wasn’t all fun and games, though.

There was one point where I thought I had scratched the filter. Oh, the horror! I’ll never ever clean the camera sensor filter again! I was very disappointed in having potentially lost my best camera and having to drop back to a very good but still second string DSLR. Both DSLR bodies are great cameras and meet my needs: one is my *ist-DL and the other is my K-10D. It was the K-10D I was cleaning and I’d scratched it. I’d made a bad situation worse. Later, sitting on the couch feeling bad, I realized my test photos weren’t showing the scratches (by then I had two scratches). I ran into the computer room and studied the pictures, this time not only looking at them full size but also moving them around. Sure enough, the two scratches were marks on the monitor, not in the test photos! You can imagine how relieved I was. And how much happier I was with my cleaning efforts. It was also a good lesson in how you can become so focused on finding all the blemishes in the picture that if you’re not careful you may fail to see the difference between something on the screen and something actually in the picture.

This weekend I hope to head up in the mountains, back to the place where I took the picture that adorns the top of this blog site. This time I want to do astrophotography there and capture the Milky Way as well as Blue Lake. The plan is to head up there about 3 pm Saturday, be in place by 5 pm, and head back down around 3 am. I’m keeping an eye on the weather and the smoke from the various fires nearby. I’ll be emailing some people I know that live in the area to find out what the skies are like up there. Word right now is that one of the roads I would usually take is blocked. I’d really like to make it but just in case, I’m tentatively setting Leslie Gulch, or at least out in that general area, as my fallback plan. That will let me shoot the Milky Way but it also means I won’t get the photo I really want. If I make it to Snowbank, the downside of all this is I won’t get to bed that night until 5 am or later. YAWN! That also means I’ll spend much of my Sunday sleeping and wandering around in a daze after a little bit of sleep. If things are bad enough I might just wind up going somewhere else during the day. There’s a place I want to show my dad, anyway.

We’ll see how this all works out.


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One Response to “When should I post”

  1. Linda aka L.M. Says:

    Cold blooded, ruthless and evil is good.:-) And I had to laugh at your timing, Bill. No sooner was I thinking, ‘Why is he obsessing about which day to post?’ when you detonated the punchline: ‘My wife says I tend to over-think these things…’
    God bless and keep on truckin’!


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