Just some updates

Last weekend was a wonderful outing with family. My daughter, her husband, her 5 girls, my wife’s sister and her husband, and myself all met up at Discovery Park on the far side of Boise, by Lucky Peak. It’s a really nice park, and I’d taken the canoe. With the part of the park including a huge eddy on the Boise River, I tied the canoe to the picnic table and the kids had a blast paddling all over the place. The rope was long enough to give them lots of coverage while keeping them short of the eddy line and the risk of the river carrying them down to Diversion Dam.

The girls’ dad took them out across the river and they went exploring amongst the islands across from the park. It was fun watching them paddle back against the current. One thing I noticed is that I’m going to have to teach them how to paddle! They only know the instinctive paddle stroke and really could have used some of the other strokes to more efficiently paddle back up-river. It was obvious, though, they’d had a blast.

I took my laptop to do some writing and deliberately left my camera home. I should have done it the other way as I didn’t go any writing and did a little bit of photography with the 5 MP camera on my phone. After my Droid Incredible’s phone, I find that I have to learn to use the Galaxy Nexus phone…it doesn’t react the same way. It’s going to be fun getting as good on this camera phone as I was on the DI.

Even though I didn’t do any writing that particular day, I have been working on my current Pa’adhe story. I’m now past the main bit of excitement and starting to wind down. Unless my characters pull something I’m not expecting, which could happen, it shouldn’t be too much longer before this story shows up on my blog site. With any luck at all, I’ll have it finished up two Saturdays from now and be working on Draft 2, polishing it up, fixing a few things, and generally getting it ready for my Alpha readers.

I’ve also been doing some work, mostly in the form of research, for the astrophotography ebook. I’m looking at using several interesting features related to what ebooks CAN be as opposed to their simply being an electronic version of a traditional book. It can be so much more useful, both in terms of how stuff is presented and what it will be presenting. At least that’s my hope.

My initial writing for this ebook is happening in Plume Creator, which I find I like more and more the more I use it. (Ok, enough with the ‘more’.) The one thing I don’t like is that I can’t include pictures in it. Even for writing fiction, pictures could be really useful: fancy first letters in the chapter, maps included in fantasy or other works, illustrations, and embellishments. As it is, right now I’m marking what and where the pictures will go with a simple “insert IMG03005.JPG here”. For organizing your writing and for the actual writing, though, it’s truly useful. I recommend it if you’re looking for a good program focused on writing fiction.

I may have set a personal record for shortness with this post.


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