A bit of this and a bit of that

It’s been a busy week, even if I’m on vacation. That’s good, I think.

I’ve accomplished a few of the things I wanted to get done: built an HDTV antenna for my daughter’s sister-in-law, guided my oldest niece building an Arduino-based Theremin (of sorts), did some research and created a materials list for an Arduino project for my nephew, reloaded and reconfigured Raspbmc on my Raspberry Pi, and had a couple of nice days out and about with just my wife. I really enjoy those days with her, just the two of us taking our time dong things together and enjoying the moment.

I want to do some reading and photography, and it looks like tonight would have been a good time to have done that sunset time lapse that I want to do. There’s a few clouds low in the sky while overhead is clear. From where I’m writing this, I can see a nice sunset  but can’t get my gear loaded, out to the location in mind, and set up in time to get the desired time span. Tomorrow or Friday, perhaps. Or this weekend.

On the reading front, I discovered a couple of fantasy series that look interesting. I’ve got the first few books and will definitely do at least some reading between now and when I go back to work. Depending on the weather, it’ll most likely be Friday or later, though, so I can just park myself with some drinks and snacks and read until I can’t stay awake. I love it when I have a series to hand and can just read and read and read and read, tossing aside each book in the series and grabbing the next one without pause.

Or I might hit a nautical series I’ve been planning to read, instead.

I’ve been thinking and preparing for the class in January. I’m definitely looking forward to it now. I think, though, that next time I’m going to offer a class on time lapse photography instead as I believe there might be more interest in that than in astrophotography. We’ll see how this class goes.

For the third time since I got my new telescope, the sky is clear except on the horizon. Maybe I’ll be able to take it out tonight and do some looking. I’m not in an ideal spot, but I should at least be able to see M31, NGC891, M34, and some other higher altitude objects. Might even have a chance at the moon.

I’m off to write for a bit now, Pa’adhe is calling.


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One Response to “A bit of this and a bit of that”

  1. Linda aka L.M. Says:

    Life sounds incredibly rich, Bill. How wonderful! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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