Apocalypse 2012

Apocalypse 2012

Well, it seems an appropriate topic.

Depending on who you side with, next Friday December 21st is Apocalypse Day. Or not.

Personally, I see the Apocalypse timeline running like this:

  • December 20:  People settle down for their final meal. Perhaps enjoy their final pleasures that night.
  • December 21:  People wonder just when the Apocalypse will happen. Maybe just a few minutes/hours more. Be patient.
  • December 22:  Doomsayers start saying they must have screwed up the math somewhere. People begin wanting their stuff back and trying to negotiate about debt they let lapse.
  • December 23:  Doomsayers announce they found a nearly invisible glyph on one of the really old pictures of the Mayan Calendar. It changes when the date is, obviously, but until they can properly decipher this new glyph they can’t say exactly when.

Better luck next time, Doomsayers. On second thought, never mind…hope you have the same luck next time!

What gets me about all this right now are two things. Neither is overly based in research, but it just seems worth thinking about….

First of all, isn’t it curious that of all the shapes possible, the Mayan calendar is on one of the few instances of a wheel? Think wheel of time here. What’s a wheel but a circle? What’s a circle do but go around and around? What’s the smaller cycles do, but repeat?

Not only that, the Maya built their famous calendar upon the work of previous civilizations. So, the observational base has been around for a long time prior to the Maya “publishing” their own, more refined calendar.

If the Maya were intelligent enough to observe over hundreds of years and develop a calendar that tracks the progression of the earth from one point in the sky back to that one point so accurately, don’t you think they would also be smart enough to know that if all went well, i.e. we managed to survive that long, the next b’ak’tun Cycle would simply start over again? Isn’t that why the calendar is on a circular shape and not a square one? To signify the CYCLE of years? Isn’t that why there are already 12 previous Long Counts? After all, the next b’ak’tun starts on in the Mayan calendar, so there must have been 12 already and none of them ended in an Apocalypse. Why should this one?

Although it is kind of intriguing how they managed to synch with the Gregorian Calendar such that December 21, 2012, falls on a Friday. Does that make it a Long Count Friday the 13th?

Second, Naysayers are saying there is no planetary alignment. Really? You sure? There’s ALWAYS some kind of planetary alignment in this solar system. The only way you won’t have any planetary alignment would be if this blue marble of a world of ours were floating in the void absolutely all alone. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be here, either because we need the sun to survive and there would be a planetary alignment between the Earth and Sun.

I know, that’s not what they mean by “no planetary alignment”. But if that’s all they say then I’ll shrug and play with the words like anyone else with any remote interest in this Apocalypse.

For sure, my interest is mostly in what the Doomsayers will say the day after. Or will they just quietly slink away back into the woodwork?

For those of you that might need it…I’m watching this entire Apocalypse event with amusement and this post is in that vein.


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5 Responses to “Apocalypse 2012”

  1. Rinaldo Woodycrest Says:

    great post! I’ve got my own theories about this impending apocalypse that I can’t wait to share with!


  2. mauriceabarry Says:

    I’m not even amused–it’s pretty much a non-event. We can only see so far ahead and at some point people say, hey, that’s far enough for now. Of course that didn’t work so well with ipv4 addresses :>)


  3. Mike S Says:

    please take pictures for those of us who may have to work and miss the apocalypse. Thank You.


  4. end of the World 2012 Says:

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  5. Bill Says:

    Mike, I tried. Honestly. I managed to wake and check out stuff at 3:48…all quiet outside, no zombies, no ravening hordes, and an overcast sky. Sadly, it was so boring that I went back to bed and slept right through 4:12 AM MST. If it hadn’t been overcast…. Sorry, dude!


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