Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Well, Fire and Ice was the title, based on two things I really like. My wife mentioned one to me and I answered with, “You know, if I just had ???? and ice cream I’d be in heaven.” Obviously, the ice cream is the ‘Ice’ part of the title, but what the heck was ‘Fire’?

Yeah, that’s how it goes here. I’ve still got a mind like a steel trap, it’s just a little rusted.

This week has been pretty good, actually. Except now it’s bugging me what the heck I meant by ‘Fire’.

Over the weekend I was able to remove the wheels from the trailer without having to cut any of the bolts. We were able to use a tire iron and a long metal tube that fit over that. As Archimedes said, “Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I will move the earth.” The six foot lever we created certainly moved the nuts easily enough. Once we had those off we moved on to the hitch coupler bolted to the tongue of the trailer. That one we eventually elected to remove by cutting off the bolts and driving them out. Next was the safety chain. After spraying that with WD-40 and letting it set for several hours (only because we went and did some other stuff) two sockets took quick care of that.

Surprisingly, once the trailer was flipped over so that the bottom of the frame was accessible, that part was much less corroded with rust, and much of the original black paint was still protecting the frame itself. The downside, of course, is that I still have to remove all that paint to the bare metal so I can put new paint on to protect it. I think what I’m going to do here is to use a wire brush in my drill and as soon as I have a large enough area stripped to the bare metal I’ll paint it over then move on to the next part. Once all that’s done, then I’ll spray another coat on top, this time being able to paint the entire trailer at one shot.

Laptop? Maybe that’s the ‘Fire’, laptops do get warm. Have to think about that.

I got in some writing over the last week. This new Pa’adhe story is turning out to be one that might be easily expanded into at least a novella. I’m thinking about that, but don’t know if I want to do it or keep it a short story and expand it later on, incorporating the events of Ghost Ship into the novella in their proper places. I guess I’ll find out how this plays out as I write it.

This weekend is shaping up to be interesting. I will be shooting my niece’s wedding this Saturday, and Saturday night is the penumbral lunar eclipse that I hope to photograph. I’m thinking Sunday I will BBQ some steaks or burgers and maybe some veggies as well. Stuff grilled on the BBQ just tastes better. Then Monday I’m heading out to Leslie Gulch to find that giant’s skull I’ve misplaced. I’ll be showing the area to an HP engineer visiting Boise from China as well. She’s been helping me learn to play Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) and it only seems fair to show her that area in return.

It must have been the laptop that was ‘Fire’. I can’t think of anything else. And I’m absolutely sure that as soon as I post this to my blog site, I’m going to remember exactly what ‘Fire’ actually was.


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