When the Muse Strikes

I had a writing attack during lunch last week. Over most of lunch, I was writing and tweaking, a bit here and there. Not really writing so much as working on what I already had, expanding and improving. I was about to quit with ~780 new words after an hour’s work when the battle scene hit me.

It was like Venus rising fully formed from the sea-foam and I couldn’t type fast enough to get it all down. After all that furious writing, about another half hour’s worth, I had a total of 1748 new words, more than doubling what I had already done. With all that I have my final battle for the latest Pa’adhe story, Ghost Ship, pretty much mapped out completely. WHOOOOOO!! Love it when that happens.

I still have to tweak it, fill in some gaps, and fix it up, obviously. When typing that fast and concentrating on “getting it down”, it should be obvious there will be some typos, grammatical errors, and no doubt story issues. I’m pretty sure, for example, that I’ve added a couple more people into the battle than I already had on board Pa’adhe when I started writing the battle scene. So, I’m either going to have to put in somewhere and pick them up or re-work the start of the voyage to include them.

The overall arc of the story, and the implied minor arc, are still intact. I have to get from where I’m at so far to that battle. Fortunately, I had already created one scene that goes in between the two (what I’ve got so far and the battle) so I have an idea what I need to achieve.  Oh, wait! That means I have to get them to that point, do that scene, then get them from there to the battle. Ok, I have to fill in two blank areas, not one.

One thing that has to happen, and which might make the release of this particular story a little later than I’d planned, is that I have to add some points and names to my map. I have a noticeable estuary that I need to name, for one, and realized I have a sea to name as well, even though it’s not involved in this story. I need to add two more ports along the coast, at least, due to this story. Maybe three.

Speaking of which, I’d put aside my new map for the last few weeks. I need to get back to work on it  and finish it so that I can start using it like I have been the old one. The new map already has several additional islands not on the map I’m currently using, and that has an impact on sailing time. It’s critical for determining how many days’ sailing it takes to get from point A to point B and for directions, such as “sailing northward for four days”. It wouldn’t do to have Pa’adhe sail right through an island or something that would normally add an extra day to the voyage.

I honestly don’t know which I prefer: writing these tales or creating the map(s) for this world. I really enjoy both activities.

Which world I have yet to name. It’s getting a bit cumbersome, as author Ken McConnell has pointed out, constantly referring to this world as “Pa’adhe’s world” or “the world of Pa’adhe”. I have a couple of ideas and just have to decide on one. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend and get it over with.

After the BBQ Saturday, of course.


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