It Rained Today

On Monday I had decided to work from home Wednesday, in part because of the weather forecast, but also to get a non-interrupted chance to work on some projects that needed my attention. The weather comes into play because my vehicle, a Geo Tracker, has a busted driver side door window regulator. I’d been holding the window up out of the door using two suction cups. They’d worked fine up to last week when they both popped off, dropping the window into the door. I’d have to take the cover off the door to get the window back up, so…I decided a 50% chance of rain was worth an excuse, too. We definitely got rain this morning. My car and myself would have both been soaked, especially since I have the back half of my top off now, so it was a good call.

One of the risks of working from home is when we have a grandkid over. Lunchtime, I went to the kitchen to make some lunch and spent some minutes watching Megamind. I managed to tear myself away and get back to work, but I’m going to have to watch it again sometime, that’s a fun movie.

I was able to get some writing done over the last couple of days. Not as much as I’d have liked, but given that we’ve had company just about every evening since Friday and I’ve been working through lunch, every little bit helps. Once again it was more tweaking and inserting than adding story. I did, however, manage to figure out a solution to locating the enemy even though I’ve not yet written that scene out. Instead of hunting for that other ship on the wide sea, I’m going to set it up to get the enemy ship to hunt out Pa’adhe as well. With both ships hunting each other, that increases the odds a bit in favor of them meeting up. Enough for my needs, anyway. The method is an oldie but goodie and the fun is all in the details.

Time and visitors didn’t let me finish up my map for Pa’adhe’s world over the weekend as I’d hoped. About all I’d been able to do was look at it and jot a few more notes onto the hardcopy I have. At least when the time comes to label places I’ll have more of the new map ready to be labeled.

Speaking of these two things, the new Ghost Ship story and the map, I had originally planned to have the new antagonist come from a land briefly mentioned in Restaok. During a commute to work recently, I realized that’s not going to be practical, according to my map and where I have the action taking place. So, instead, that antagonist, who will be back in future stories, is from an island in the north instead. By happy coincidence, or nefarious planning by my subconscious, the new map shows some nice islands in convenient locations. I’ll have to decide which island to go with but at least I won’t have to add one to the map. Of course, the antagonist doesn’t have to come from an island, but it’s more defensible than being located on the mainland and I think that will come in handy in a future story. Besides I just like the idea of…well, never mind, it might change in the future before it comes into actual play.

The past week or so, I’ve been watching Ken McConnell go through the process of extending and re-working his outline for The Rising, the latest book in his Star Saga series. He’s done some writing, caught up with his outline, and been working more on the outline than writing lately. It’s been an interesting opportunity to observe his work process and I’ve learned a few tips. I’ve mentioned before that I’m what’s termed a pantser, a writer that writes by the seat of his pants, while Ken is a more structured author. Watching Ken’s interaction between story and outline along with learning some tips and getting some ideas, I’m much more confident that when I take a break from the Pa’adhe short stories, perhaps as soon as next year, I’ll be able to take a novel I’ve put on the back burner through to completion. But first, before I start writing past what I already have, I’m going to have to create either an outline or a mind map for that book.

The future looks interesting and fun.


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One Response to “It Rained Today”

  1. Lori Dominguez Says:

    Currently in my head but usually I use my sketch/notebook to do that. I’m a big fan of mind maps and lists and arrows and big drawings. I just outline on the go, mostly, writing notes down on my sketchbook or sometimes on my iPhone if I don’t have a pencil or something around. Most of my outlining happens at home, while blogging and that’s when my writing inspiration blog becomes very useful.


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