Writing Goals for 2014

Writing Goals for 2014

I put my thoughts out there, and the more I think and talk about them, the more I commit myself to the idea of these three writing goals. In a way, I’ ve created an obligation for myself: I’ve been “thinking” about it for quite some time, and having expressed these thoughts to several others, I feel even more obligated to pursue them. Ken and Mike are not the only ones that have been regularly hinting of an interest in the first goal in the list. So for those people I am putting these in writing and finally assigning a target date.

For the year 2014 I am going to focus the following three writing goals:

Anthology/Omnibus of Pa’adhe short stories.

I have, of course, mentioned this several times. However, it makes sense to not wait for that fabled 12th short story. Instead, once Ghost Ship is done and put out there, the very next Pa’adhe short story will be the one that’s in the collection but not on my web site.

In addition, I will also put each short story out there as a stand-alone ebook, except for that one that’s the extra story in the collection. That one I will hold back for a year so that the only way to get it is via the anthology.

Time Lapse ebook

I have enough information and material to put together a basic time lapse ebook. It will be thorough, short, and to the point. Somewhat of a step-by-step guide.

Astrophotography 100 ebook

Again, I have most of the material, but I want to update the pictures used to illustrate the material. This, too, I have mentioned several times and it’s about time I shut up or put up. So, this becomes one of my goals for 2014 as well.

So, there you have it. The three minimum writing goals that I must try and meet by the end of next year. By putting them here and stating “this is what I intend to do”, I am challenging myself to accomplish these specific writing goals. I know how much time I have left, I know my writing patterns, I know what I need to gather to accomplish these, and having publicly stated what I intend to do this far in advance, I should have no excuse for failing to accomplish them.

I have set my target and it will take some work and dedication, but I fully expect to be able to hit the bull.

The one downside, of course, is that additional Pa’adhe short stories, and indeed any other writing, will have to take a back seat to these. That doesn’t mean that I will necessarily stop writing them, just that once I have Ghost Ship out on my blog and the next one, the other two ebooks, will take priority over completion of any further Pa’adhe stories.

And I will continue posting here, as well.


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