This Past Two Weeks

These past two weeks haven’t seen much happening in my main interests. Even though I’ve done stuff, it’s just been mostly maintenance and planning. Today I’ll be providing an update on three areas: Writing, Photography, and Programming.


I’ve made all the recent Beta requested changes I’ve decided to implement. I still need to meet with one Beta to get some clarifications but I think for now I’m just about ready to release D6.

This includes a name change to address the comments of some Beta readers regarding the new antagonist. She will be returning in the future, I’m sure, so getting the name right in this first appearance means not having to change it in previous short stories. I’ve not made any of the suggested changes but came up with one I like. We’ll see how that goes over in the next round.

It also means that I’ll probably need to post at least a partial guide to pronunciation regarding certain words. So, here is some more…

To wit: when two identical characters are separated by an apostrophe, both characters are to be enunciated the same. Generally, this will only come into play when vowels are involved, consonants tend to sound the same when repeated anyway. The major point here is that both must be said.

Thus, Bret’thad isn’t pronounced as Bret-thad but rather as Bret-t-had. Similarly, Bri’ier would be pronounced as Bri-ie-er with that last part like the er in her. And naturally Pa’adhe is Paw-aw-d-he.

I’m still tweaking the full pronounciation guide so this might change slightly but I think this part’s pretty solid.

I’ve also started putting together the Encyclopaedia Pa’adhe, which is the working title for now. I’ll probably eventually replace Pa’adhe with the name of the world as soon as I can remember what it was. I had figured out what I wanted the name to be for the world of Pa’adhe but unfortunately I did that on the drive in to work, and so didn’t write it down. I know it started with a B…. Eventually, I’ll remember or come up with a new name, but dang, I wish I could remember it, it was pretty good if I do say so myself.


While I’ve not done any actual photography, despite nice weather and everything, I’ve not been ignoring this interest either. I’ve been working on a script for a video tutorial involving The GIMP. I tried to explain to a couple of people how to create a picture with multiple images of the same kid in it, but didn’t do so very well in either verbal or written media. So, I’m going to create a small video that takes the user through the requirements of the photographic session to the end product via The GIMP.

Interestingly enough, I hit a conundrum with this project. I’m deaf, completely and totally, as I’ve mentioned before. I will eventually be releasing this video via this blog, which means I need to consider a wider audience than I have so far.

The conundrum?

I was going to create it with my wife doing the voice-over. Then I got to thinking that it irritates me that YouTube and others don’t caption or provide proper subtitles (the automatic captioning provided is a joke. A JOKE, you hear? I’d be laughing if I wasn’t crying.). So I thought I would get revenge by subtitling everything and not doing audio. I’d do it so you had time to read the subtitles before seeing the corresponding action. Then I remembered I have some friends for whom English is a second language and more difficult to read than to listen to, apparently. So, what to do? The only correct solution is to do both.

I’ll be using Camtasia Studio 8 for this project, and not having really worked with it before, I don’t know if I can make the subtitles optional or not. They’re defintiely a requirement, since after all, if I’m pissed at all the poor captioning out there I should help set the bar rather than not provide any solution.

The only reason for using Camtasia Studio is that I was given a copy recently and it seems to be better for what I want to do than Adobe Captivate, which I already have. Admittedly, I’m no more familiar with Captivate than I am Camtasia. So, we’ll see…I just might do it both ways to see if the two packages are similar in capability. With my limited research thus far it appears Camtasia has the better post-production package with fly-outs, and other nifty candy.

No, I have not yet taken my photo for the October Pentax Forum Contest.


I’ve been working, a little here and a little there, on my programming in both Arduino and Android. I finished my Arduino program, just because I could, and set that aside. The Android program has been more time involved for a couple of reasons.

Although I’ve created several Android apps and given them to people, I did not truly have an understanding of the app architecture. So this time I’m not only working on an Android app for a few people, I’m also studying the internal structure of the app package in more detail as I go along. Essentially, I’m creating two apps at the same time: one is the hands-on programming tutorial part of the book I’m using and the other is the actual app I’m creating.

The result is that I have a much more complete understanding of the file structure and how the various directories relate to each other. I better understand, now, where the various parts, as files, of the app go, for example in the res, bin, assets, etc. folders.

With the Arduino project finished, I can now focus completely on this Android programming and move much faster through this particular Android project.


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