Meán Geimhridh

I did not manage to complete what I had in mind, so in its place I offer this.

              Meán Geimhridh
              (Celtic Midwinter)

          Far and wide the land lies quiet
          In the cold of Winter’s grip.
          Sleep, O Mother of us all!
          Let the fires burn tonight!

          Let our weary Mother rest.
          Nine She provides for us,
          Three let us ward her sleep.
          Burn high the fires bright.

          O fires of Meán Geimhridh!
          As we our house do clean,
          As we our world do ward,
          Burn bright through the night!

          Let the earth rest, let it sleep.
          Long has the Mother
          Held us in her bosom...
          Ere we lit the fires bright.

          Now let us hold the Mother,
          In Her much deserved sleep.
          In peace let the Mother rest,
          As days change from dark to light.

          The fires ward the night,
          And watch the growing days.
          Let peace reign for all,
          As She sleeps the long night.

                    -- Bill Blohm
                       17 December 2013


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