It appears taking a break from writing was a good idea. I’m still not ready to resume blogging on a weekly basis, but I am about to resume writing tales of Pa’adhe. How this came about is, for me, validation that the break was the right thing to do.

Last weekend, one of my nephews stopped by to pick up some potato salad my wife made for him. All three of us were chatting and out of the blue I suddenly had the premise for a new story. It was, naturally, triggered by the topic under discussion but for the first time in a long while, a new Pa’adhe premise sprang full blown into mind. As a result of this, I was later able to sit down and write 457 words for the new tale.

All 457 words are premise work: the concept that caused the story idea, some details on the story idea, a glimmering of the opening scene, background on the character involved, background on the organization the new character belongs to, stuff like that. That means, of course, that I don’t actually have any of the story itself written out and these 457 words will be deleted from Draft 2. Well, 454 words, anyway: four words are the title — A Matter of Honor. Some of it will go into my Encyclopaedia, of course, in case I encounter the group or character again in the future.

I’ve already been a little bit surprised by this particular story and I’ve not even written one word of the actual tale yet. I said above that it’s a new story, but the discerning reader familiar with my writing here may have noticed one word is perhaps obvious by it’s absence. For some odd reason, I’m not yet sure whether this will be a short story or a novella. I’m reluctant to call it a short story, yet at the same time I’m not sure if it’s going to be long enough to be a novella. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


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