Returning to Writing

I think I know why I stopped writing now.

A good friend, who is Chinese, has begun to translate my short stories into Chinese. She sees it as a way to improve her English, but also as a work of art (the translation, not my stories of course). So, while we were hashing out how to do that to ensure the correct translation I realized I had at least two Pa’adhe tales started but not really being developed. That really sounds to me like I lost my focus and is perhaps why I stopped writing for a while: too many tales under way at once. Realizing that, it seems obvious I need to:

1) Get Ghost Ship out. It’s all but done, too.
2) Pick one of the two new starts and focus on that, getting it written and out to my Alpha and Beta readers.
3) Focus on the remaining partially written story and get that out as well.

Both have the opening scenes written and not much else. Both also have some additional entries in the Encyclopaedia related to groups in them. So, both of them are equally as well developed and picking which to go with first can be quite arbitrarily done — just read what I’ve got and dive into the one that interests me the most.

Unfortunately, I have in the last three days created a third tale’s synopsis and a bit of the story as well, similar to the above two started tales. It’s some 743 words so far, but not much along the lines of plot — more like a “hey, I got this cool idea, let’s write a Pa’adhe story around it!” I’m pleased that I seem to have my creativity back, but it also seems that I have lost some of my discipline. Or maybe not. After all, I do want to keep being able to jot these new tales down so that I don’t lose them.

Even so, though, it seems obvious to me that I allowed myself to get drawn out into too many simultaneous stories, and so lost interest in focusing on any one of them. Walking away from them for a bit gave me a chance to recharge and regain some focus. Tonight I will take care of Ghost Ship and give it a final proofing after which it will get posted.

Then I just need to pick one of the three starters and continue working on it. Of the three, I think I know which one I want to focus on next, but one of the others seems like it could be more fun. How’s that for a “decisions, decisions” issue?

I have also started converting The Pa’adhe into an ebook with cover, etc.. I’m going with .epub for the first ebook but will likely also release a .mobi version eventually. This shouldn’t interfere with my writing as it’s more a technical undertaking than any rewriting other than any missed typos and the like.



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