Pa’adhe Returns

It has been a while since I’ve posted any new Tales of the Pa’adhe. As previous blogging has indicated, there’s been a reason for the break in the short stories. What’s worse, in my eyes, is that I’ve had this latest short story available for a while, I just haven’t posted it.

Part of that, I think, is because once I posted it, I felt that it would be imperative I get going on the next one. Indeed, I have plots and notes for three more short stories.

Sitting in the parking lot of a store recently while my wife was inside shopping, I was contemplating those three stories and wondering which I would like to write next. I wasn’t thinking about “do I want to write this one next” but rather, “which of these three shall I write next?” There’s a difference between those two phrases, which I’ll leave up to you to discover.

Unable to decide, I gave up and just looked around the parking lot. The glare of the sun off the rear windows of three cars parked side by side caught my eye. For a while I just sat there, bemused by the glare, then out of the blue I decided that I would alphabetically assign each story, which already had working titles, one to each glare. Whichever left first was the one I would write.

That decision made, I was able to relax and just enjoy the view, such as it was. White clouds moving overhead, the flag flapping, trees dancing gently. Eventually, the middle car of the three backed out and left.

So be it. That is the next story to be written. Scarle’s back story will be revealed next, hopefully this Fall.

Ah, well, since that has been decided, clearly it’s time to post the latest Tale of the Pa’adhe.

I give you, dear readers, the ninth tale: Ghost Ship.


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