Wickahoney Time Lapse

It took a bit of time, and I had to learn to use some software better than I already did, but on the whole, comments back have been positive on the Stars Over Wickahoney time lapse.

Stars Over Wickahoney time lapse from Wickahoney ruins, Owyhee County, Idaho, USA.

Stars Over Wickahoney time lapse from Wickahoney ruins, Owyhee County, Idaho, USA.

As the photographer and video creator, I’m pretty picky about my own stuff. I see a lot that could be improved, but I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m not happy with many of the images. I think I could improve the overall video components, adjust the timing…so many other things. Yet, everyone that’s seen it so far and provided feedback really likes it. I guess that means it’s acceptable and the things I see are just those that the perfectionist in me knows are there.

It was a lot of fun, going out to Wickahoney, getting the images, being out there, and putting the video together.

Bob, one of the guys that went that weekend, and I are dangerous when we get together. At a BBQ last weekend we were talking about this Wickahoney time lapse and as tends to happen when we get together we branched out into other ideas. One that came up is a project that I would really like to do next: Stars Over Stonehenge.

While I would love to go to Amesbury, UK, I’m actually talking about the Stonehenge near Maryhill Museum and overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. I’ve been there several times years and years ago but can still remember it vividly, as well as the chess sets in the basement of Maryhill Museum. Every time I take I-84 to or from Portland, I look for it.

I can’t see this happening this year, but who knows. For sure, though, I would like to do this next year. A moonless night, facing south, the rising Milky Way…. I don’t know if I’d be able to pick up the traffic on I-84 across the Columbia due to the freeway being down in the gorge but it’s a wide open view to the south. I might make a run there to talk to the curators of the museum to see if I need, and if necessary can get, permission to be at the Stonehenge replica after dark. See if I can see I-84 from where I’d likely set up. Check out the campground nearby where I can crash after the photo session is done.

The only thing I’d be concerned about is the light pollution in the area. The Dalles isn’t that far west. However, Dark Skies Finder is very promising so I’m excited about this project and starting to research it.

Between now and then, though, there’s other sites, other sights, and time to improve my skills.


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