It’s Official

I’ve been keeping quiet about this aspect of the stressful happenings over the last month until I had my official notification. Now that I have it, it’s kind of an odd sort of relief I’m experiencing.

By the time it happens, I’ll have had 39 years 9 months with HP.

Yup. I’m retiring with my official retirement date being 31 May 2015.

It was very much a last minute thing. I had been planning on working until I was 65 and then retiring. I love my job, but I’m beginning to get burned out and I’d rather “quit while I’m ahead” as it were. It’s not just work, but things going on in my life outside work as well that made me finally decide.

I’m still getting my own head around the idea. It’s one thing to make plans for your retirement, to say, “I’ll retire once I get to [insert desired endpoint]” but it’s quite another to make the final decision and even more so to actually put in for retirement.

Even though once I made the decision it was like a load was lifted, there was still some uncertainty I didn’t even realize was there. It wasn’t until, having received confirmation of my intended retirement date that I discovered there was still a good amount of unease remaining despite having made the decision to retire. Now that it’s locked in and there’s no going back, another layer of stress seems to have been removed, one that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m sure that between now and 31 May 2015, there’s going to be continued nervousness and a building trepidation until I actually walk out the door that final time.

Make no mistake…I’m looking forward to that day. I’m curious to see what life brings my way in this new undertaking. I’ve got plans of things I want to do. No, yard work isn’t one of those things I’m looking forward to. I am, however, looking forward to more time for photography, astrophotography, writing, reading, woodworking, amateur radio, and programming.

Of course I’d like to do some traveling and more exploring of the back roads. A little fishing, maybe some hunting again. But mostly, I’m eager to have the time I want when I want it for photography and woodworking.

And of course, more time for this blog.


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