Photographer                   Writer of sorts

Programmer                     Ham radio operator

Music lover                      Digital Photography Instructor

I am completely, totally, profoundly, etc., etc., etc., (as Yul Brynner said as the King of Siam) deaf.  I am one of those rare creatures where my audiogram is nothing but the letterhead, blank form, date and signature, everything else is unused as there is nothing to put down.

Despite that, I have a strong love for music and am a licensed amateur radio operator.  I love to read, write, take pictures, go up in the hills or on the water, eat, sleep, and live.

I have had my photography displayed on the news, in Switzerland, on the web, published, and have provided photographic services for some weddings (ugh), portraits (ugh), insurance, legal proceedings, theatrical presentations, community organizations, set up the original rules and judging for a county fair photography section, and have taught four semesters of an Introduction to Digital Photography community education class.  I have won no awards worth mentioning yet, but then I don’t chase them either.  My photography is for myself and for others, not for awards, though I don’t mind making the occasional penny from photography.

My writing credentials are less impressive.  I have had an essay published, a write-up or two, have been one of several editors of an online haiku magazine, have taught writing haiku and poetry.  I have participated in interactive online communities where my writing was well-received and enjoyed as part of the evolving storylines.  I’m just now venturing into the realm of writing as an author and exploring online publishing of my writings through this website and hopefully GB Press.

My goal with this blog is not only to share my experiences, whatever they may be, but also to try to share some bit of my knowledge and to teach something useful with every one. That’s a daunting task, to ensure that every post teaches something I know that perhaps someone might one day find useful. I know not every post will achieve that goal, but that’s my intent.


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