When I Was Younger

A bit of whimsy.  I started out to write a sage poem, composing it as I commuted from work to home but when the opportunity came to sit and type…well, you’ll see.


       When I Was Younger

Back in the days when I was younger…
Back when the world was newer…
Back when the universe was simpler…

When the world was glistening
And time was just beginning
And the stars were sparkling…

When the girls were all flirting
And the boys were all stumbling
And the birds were all singing…

If I were younger and not so old
And my mind not so much on hold
I could tell you what I was told.

If I wasn’t now old as dirt
And time didn’t seem to hurt
Or is it my bones seem to hurt?

But, alas, age I’ve got,
And memory I’ve not got,
And my poem’s point forgot!

Bill B.


2 Responses to “When I Was Younger”

  1. Denise Says:

    I Luv this one…lol!


  2. Tammy Says:

    I love it. You nailed that one on the head.


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