Tales of the Pa’adhe

This is the home page for my Tales of the Pa’adhe, a collection of short stories based around the ship Pa’adhe and her crew. These stories can be accessed via the list to the right.

Most of the tales are told by the Captain and are not written in a timeline based order.  Eventually I will provide an ebook that contains all the tales in chronological order but right now, I’m writing them as they come to me.  That means that here on this website the tales are provided to the reader as each is written but are listed in chronological story order.

Pa’adhe is pronounced Pah-AH-dhi with the ‘hi’ in the last syllable as in ‘hit’, not ‘high’.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on the tales.  I may or may not incorporate any comments, but I will definitely pay attention to them.

Fair winds and a following sea!


One Response to “Tales of the Pa’adhe”

  1. Pa’adhe Sails Again | Bill's Meanderings Says:

    […] background into this new story and so provide, finally, history on all four main characters in Tales of the Pa’adhe, I realized what had happened and why I hadn’t been writing for so […]


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