The Elidha

Welcome to this simple portal for my short stories involving the Elidha.

Be warned that even though they are fiction, the topics covered are going to be wide-ranging.  I plan to visit abstracts, taboo topics, wherever my interests go and I have no intention of staying within the “norms”.  If you are averse to stories that might conflict with your religious or cultural beliefs you may not want to read some or all of these.  Likewise, if you might be offended by non-traditional views of commonly held tenets, these might not be good stories for you to read.

I like the name Elidha as a cross between Elohim and Eldila. Eldila was a name for the ‘Beings of Light’ in C. S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet.  I think Lewis’ book or this series also referred to them as Elohim at one point.  It’s been a long time since I read the series so I could be wrong but even if so that’s my reasoning for the name Elidha.

The first in the series deals with suicide.  It’s not about whether it’s right or wrong but about what happens to the person committing suicide.  This is an illustration of the types of stories you will encounter past this particular page.

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