The Munchies

“Why, these are delicious! Dear, where do you get them at?”
“Oh, they’re great, alright. But they do tend to cause involuntary flames.”
Roar! “Oh, dear. I see what you mean. I do hope that wasn’t anything valuable.”
“Oh, no, nothing that can’t be replaced. I’ll just have Kharn go out and pick up another one somewhere. We’re running low on sheep, anyway, and Kharn always enjoys swooping down on sheep. Want some sheep while it’s hot?”
“Don’t mind if I do.”
“Now dear, do tell, where did you get these little snacks? Delicious!”
“Yes, do tell, Vlarma.”
“Oh, I don’t know. She wants a high price for them already, and I’m afraid that if too many of us dragons know where to get them, she’ll drive the price up even higher. As it is, she wants 5 gold pieces each, or else an emerald or ruby like so….”
“Oh, come on, Vlarma! These are so delicious that I just have to know.”
“Yes, dear! Why, I’d even swear not to tell for something like these!”
“Well, I suppose that if you were to swear on your line, not to ever reveal where you get these snacks, then I can tell you. How about it, Tocsa?”
“Um…well…they are good…yes. I, Tocsa, do swear on my line, may it end with me and mine, if I should ever reveal the source of these snacks to anyone or anything.”
“Ah, well. Yea, I shall so swear. I, Shibea, do swear on my line, may it end with me and mine, if I should ever reveal the source of these treats to anyone or anything.”
“As it has been heard, so shall it be, now and forever. Sigh. Ok, I’ll tell you two. You know the mountain North of the Silver Lake? Ok, if you go Northwest from there, about an hour’s easy flying, there’s another lake. On the East side of the lake there’s a mountain with three peaks. The South peak has a cave about half way up on the East flank. Every Wotan’s Day and in the morning on Freyja’s day, from sun-up to mid-morning, there’s a window open in the back of that cave. There’s a woman in there, and I warn you not to cross her. Deal straight with her. She has power, quite obviously, if she can open that window. She says she’s the Witch of the East, or at least that’s the only name I’ve ever heard from that side of the window. She has several things of interest, besides food, to sell. These,” popping one into her mouth and crunching down, “I’ve already told you the price. Just ask her for however many Munchkins you want.”


This story was written as part of a regular practice of writing based on some single word or item, randomly picked from a dictionary, magazine, book, or some such.

The word for this one was “munchkins”.

Originally written 4.13.95, the actual story and words have not been changed in any way. The only changes made have been to fix any typos and to format it better.


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